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What is FileCloud DocIQ?

DocIQ is a Microsoft Office add-in to improve collaboration among team members while editing Office documents on FileCloud. This unique feature improves overall productivity by bringing relevant contextual information next to the content.

When a user is editing Microsoft Office documents stored on a FileCloud Server, the user can view and manage the following information using DocIQ:

  • File details
  • Lock status
  • File sharing details
  • Comments attached to the file

DocIQ is available in FileCloud version 18.2 and later. Available on Windows only. Users get DocIQ automatically when they install FileCloudDrive or FileCloudSync. 


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DocIQ File Lock

DocIQ File Lock will automatically lock the file when the file is opened for editing. It prevents multiple users from making changes to the same file at once.

DocIQ will show the lock information on the right side.

DocIQ can also prevent download of the file if restricted by the user. ‘Prevent download’ lock can avoid others from downloading a ‘work-in-progress’ file while the file is being edited by a user.


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