During normal FileCloud usage, users might be running out of space, even though they don't have usable files that exceeds the assigned user quota. There might be several reasons this can occur. 

  • In recycle bin is enabled, then it might be accumulating all the deleted files.
  • When users edit/modify/upload existing files, then new file versions will be created. The number of versions that are retained depends on the administrator settings (default is 3). 
  • When files are uploaded into FileCloud, sometimes the upload gets terminated for various reasons. In these cases, clients uploading files should be retrying and continue the upload. But some clients, such as browser will not resume the upload. They will restart the upload from the beginning. 
    This behavior will result in partially uploaded files and they are unusable.

Files that fall under the above categories might be cleaned from time to time. Following sections explains how these files can be removed or cleaned.