The ability to create a private file/folder share and see whenever that file/folder is shared again by Guests in the share is available in FileCloud version 18.2

Once you share a file or folder privately, it has the ability to be shared again by members.

If you leave the default settings when creating a private share, the file or folder cannot be shared again by the Guests (or members) that you add.

    • This prevents share members from sharing your file/folder with others users that you didn't originally grant access to.

  When creating a private share, if you choose the option to Allow Share, the file/folder can be shared again by the Guests (or members) of the share. 

    • This option can be helpful when you want another user to view and manage your shares.
    • When you select a Guest and check the Allow Share checkbox, this assigns the user to be a share manager. 
    • A share manager now has the same permissions on the share as you, the share owner. 
    • The share manager can remove the sharing, move the file, and delete the file.
    • If you allow sharing, Filecloud will notify you by logging it in the Activities panel on the right side of the user dashboard. 

  Viewing Share Activity

To view all re-shares of the a file:

  1. Open a browser and log in to the User Portal.
  2. In the User Portal, click My Files.
  3. Select the shared file you want to manage.
  4. On the right side of the dashboard, in the Details panel, to see all notifications about this file, select the Activities tab. 

  5. To see Share Activity only, after selecting the file, click the Manage Share button.
  6. In the top right corner of the Manage Share dialog box, click the Share Activity button