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Once FileCloud is installed successfully and started, administrative tasks need to be performed to allow FileCloud users to log in and use FileCloud efficiently. Some of the system settings and custom settings that you can configure are listed in the table below by priority and function. 

Beginning in FileCloud 20.1, the option for reverting to default values for all options in the Settings and Customization sections of the Admin user interface is located in the Settings > Reset tab. In earlier versions of FileCloud, the option appears in the upper-right corner of all Settings and Customization pages. 

Level of Priority

Administrator Settings

Basic Server Settings

Storage Settings

User Access Settings


Access the Admin Portal

Change the Admin Password

View License Information

Check FileCloud Version/Upgrade

Manage Account Approvals

Run Automated Tasks

  • Cron Jobs
  • Scheduled Tasks

Configure Backup Settings

Manage Client Security Settings

Enable Antivirus Scanning

Set Up Managed Storage (My Files)
  • S3 Storage
  • Manage Encryption
  • Clearing Deleted Files and Partial Uploads Automatically

If not using, disable managed storage

Create FileCloud Users

Check User Access Level

Create User Policies

Create Groups

Manage User Storage Quotas


Configure Email Settings

Enable Automatic License Renewal and Reporting

Restrict Access to the Admin Portal

FileCloud Best Practices

Enable MongoDB Authentication

Set Client Application Policies

Use a Proxy Server

Configure Security Options

  • Change default directories
  • Disable CONNECT Methods
  • Enforce TLS1.2 and Strong ciphers
  • Read Advisory Notices

Use GDPR Compliance Options

  • Anonymize User Data
  • Enable Privacy User Consent
  • Export Files for GDPR
  • Right to Access - Search for User Data
  • Use Pattern Search for GDPR

Set Up Network Folders

  • Manage NTFS permissions
  • Index Network Folders for Search
  • Realtime Syncing
  • Configure AWS S3 Bucket-Based Folders

Enable Directory Scraping

Use the FileCloud Helper Service

Manage User Authentication

  • Configure Single Sign On
  • Use LDAP Based Authentication

Configure Microsoft Office Integration Options

Configure Online Web Editing

  • Installing Office Online Server
  • Collabora Code

Set Up Document Preview

  • Windows
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • CentOS Linux
  • FileCloud Document Converter
  • Enabling Document Thumbs

Provides a Better Experience

Change the Language

Customize Your Space

  • Login Background Image
  • Labels and Logos
  • UI Messages
  • Email Templates
  • News Feed
  • Terms of Service

Customize Product URLs

Customize CSS

Configure High Availability

  • HaProxy Setup in Ubuntu

Enable Multi-Tenancy Support

  • Log In to the Multi-Tenant Admin Portal

Enable SalesForce Integration

Configure Team Folders

  • Create the Account
  • Recover Deleted Files
  • Seed and Organize the Team Folder Data
  • Set Optional Granular Permissions
  • View and Restore Previous
  • Team Folder Policies

Manage Document Settings

  • Natural Sort Order Listing
  • PDF Merge
  • Document Previews
  • Manage File Change Notifications
  • Restricting File Extensions

Set Up Content Search

  • Install Content Search
  • Run SOLR as a service
  • Index Managed Storage
  • Configure Content Search for Network Storage

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