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Administrator Guides

Feature SetVersionFile to Download Size
Installation21.221 MB
Site Setup for Storage21.220 MB
Site Setup for Users, Groups, and Policies21.24 MB
Site Setup for User Auth, Share, and Client Security21.223 MB
Site Setup for Multi-Tenancy and High Availability21.23 MB
Site Setup for Documents and Other Features21.228 MB
Compliance, Retention, Smart Classification & DLP, and Metadata21.2FileCloud 21.2 Compliance, Retention, Smart Classif & DLP, Metadata.pdf13 MB
Maintenance - Upgrades21.22 MB
Maintenance - Managing Users and Groups21.29 MB
Maintenance - Backup and Restoring21.22 MB
Maintenance - Searching, Troubleshooting, Monitoring, Reports, and Workflows21.218 MB
 ServerLink21.21 MB
 ServerSync21.22 MB

User Guides

Feature SetVersionFile to DownloadSize 
User Portal21.224 MB
Mobile Apps21.217 MB
Sync Desktop Client21.216 MB
Drive, MacDrive, and File Browser Apps21.211 MB
Microsoft Outlook, Office, and Teams Integration21.24 MB
Browser Extensions, Integration with Zapier, and Automation App21.26 MB


Feature SetVersionFile to DownloadSize 
API21.2317 KB