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There are many ways to configure a FileCloud Server to work with your unique environment. The Misc. tab contains settings that can be configured if you need to change the default values.

To access the Misc. tab:

  1. In the Admin Portal, from the left navigation panel, click Settings.
  2. Select the Misc. tab.

On this page:

General settings

Server TimezoneGeneralSets the time zone for the server
Date FormatGeneralChoose one of the options in the drop-down list.
Time FormatGeneral Choose one of the options in the drop-down list.
Apply Folder Level SecurityGeneralAllow folder level security permissions to share
Disable Action PanelGeneralThis setting will disable activity panel in User Portal.
Disable Activities for Limited UsersGeneralHides Activities panel if the user is a Limited user. Check by default.
Disable Metadata PanelGeneralHides metadata panel and disables metadata search option in User Portal
Disable LockingGeneral

Disables supports for File and Folder Locking. See Locking section for more information on Locking functionality.

Disable IP CheckGeneralDisables IP check on every request. Use if your IP can change while you are using the system.
Email domain names to be blockedGeneralEnter the comma separated email domain names that has to be blocked.
Enable Proxy settingsGeneralChange the settings of a proxy network if needed. 
Scheduled TasksGeneralManually execute cron tasks as needed
Import FilesGeneralImport files to Managed storage
Allowed File ExtensionsGeneralSpecify file extensions that are allowed for uploading. Leave this empty to allow all file extensions except any specified in Disallowed File Extensions.
Disallowed File ExtensionsGeneralSpecify file extensions that cannot be uploaded.
Disallowed File NamesGeneralSpecify file names that cannot be uploaded.
Disable DB backupGeneralDisables automatic database backup
DB backup store pathGeneralSpecify a writable path to store backed up database.
Number of BackupsGeneralNumber of backups to maintain.
DB Backup IntervalGeneralInterval between backup process. 0 = daily backup.
Disable Content ClassificationGeneralDo not allow content classification.

User settings


Import Files from Folder on User Creation

UserSee: Preload data for new accounts
User account search modeUserSee: Securing Shares by Limiting User Account Searches
User account type search modeUserRestrict user searches so that your users can only search for users in certain account types. See User Account-Type Search Mode.
Group VisibilityUserControl what groups are listed to a user when a private share is created by that user.
By default, all user groups are shown, you can change that to only show groups that the user actually belongs to. This can prevent sharing of files inadvertently to large groups.
Send email to user to approve deviceUserSelect the checkbox to send email to user when a new device is ready for approval
Default Grid View SettingsUserSelect how files appear to users by default when user switches to Photo Gallery (grid) view (See: Switch from List View to Gallery View). The options are Automatic (the user's most recent setting in this session or the most recent one), Large Thumbnails, Small Thumbnails, and Slide Show. Default is Automatic.

Notifications settings

Enable File Change NotificationsNotificationsWhen checked, enables recent activity notifications to appear on the user portal when files are created, updated, deleted and downloaded on a shared folder. Checked by default.
Enable Email File Change NotificationsNotificationsWhen checked, enables the system to send Email notifications when files are created, updated, deleted and downloaded on a shared folder. Enable File Change Notifications must be checked for this setting to be enabled. Checked by default.
Disable Email Notifications for Limited UsersNotificationsWhen this option is enabled no share notifications will be sent to the limited user.
Enable Share NotificationNotifications

When this option is enabled share notifications will be set to NO by default.

The "Email FileChange Notifications" will be set to NO in Manage Share → advanced options.

Enable New Version Email NotificationNotificationsWhen checked, emails about new versions of FileCloud are sent to the administrator once a week.
Number of Days After which Notifications are not sentNotificationsDo not sent notifications for actions that occurred before the set number of days
Email Notification FrequencyNotificationsHow frequently, in minutes, email notifications are sent.

Other Misc. tab settings

For password settings, see Password Settings

For share settings, see Share Settings

For document preview settings, see Document Preview and Enabling Document Converter and Thumbs.

For support service settings, see Improve Helper Performance.

For directory scraper, see Enabling Directory Scraping.

For DUO security settings, see Two Factor Authentication.

For privacy settings, see Enabling Privacy/User Consent and Anonymizing User Data,

For 2fa settings, see Two Factor Authentication

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