Enabling Privacy/User Consent

The I agree to Terms of Use checkbox is available in FileCloud Server Version 19.1 and later.

GDPR requires that all users provide explicit consent to track personally identifiable information (PII).

      • Use FileCloud Policies to enable privacy settings to get explicit user consent.
      • Once enabled, you can edit the content of the agreement that will be presented to the user.
      • FileCloud will ask for consent from users while accessing, viewing or downloading files from the FileCloud server.

An administrator can enable Privacy settings in the Admin Portal so that a user sees an I agree to Terms of Use checkbox in:

  • the new account screen when they initially create an account
  • the log-in screen when the terms of service changes (beginning in FileCloud version 19.3)

To view the text of the terms of service, users can click I agree to Terms of Use.

To enable privacy settings or to change the text of the terms of service, see Terms of Service.