Right to Access - Search for User Data

You can manage the GDPR provision that allows users to request access to any information that companies possess relating to them.

      • FileCloud allows an organization's data protection officer or an administrator to search for user data across all file content and activity logs.
      • With the latest FileCloud version, administrators can search for content across all users in the system

Supporting Right to Access Requests

(warning) Federated Search looks for the search term (aka keyword) in the searchable text content only. Any text in the non-text (e.g images, videos) and other non-standard formats will not be searchable.

Perform a Search of the entire FileCloud site.

To search in logs:

  1. Open a browser and log in to the Admin Portal.
  2. From the left navigation panel, select the Audit tab.
  3. Use the search fields to type in the keyword (e.g. it could be protected information such as email or user id).
  4. Click the Manage button.
  5. Select an End-date for the search.
  6. To export the activities, click the Export button.
  7. To download a list of the activities, use the Download button.