Migrate FileCloud from One OS to Another OS

Use the following instructions to migrate from one operating system to another.

Step 1: Install the latest FileCloud Server on the new Server. Do not start any services after successful installation, only the database must be running.

Step 2: Stop Apache, cron and message queue (fcorchestrator) service in the source system to prevent access and changes by users.

Step 3: Create a database dump on the source system.

mongodump --out /tmp/mongodump
cd C:\xampp\mongodb\bin 
mongodump --out C:\mongodump

Step 4: Copy the database dump to the new system and do a restore.

mongorestore --noIndexRestore --drop /tmp/mongodump
cd C:\xampp\mongodb\bin 
mongorestore --noIndexRestore --drop C:\mongodump

Step 5: Copy the Managed Storage files to the new server


Managed storage files : Files stored in the directory specified in the Storage Path specified in the Managed Storage Settings. (Admin Panel->Settings->Storage Tab). 

Set permissions

chown -R www-data:www-data /opt/fileclouddata/ # <- change to your managed storage location

not needed

Step 6: Copy FileCloud configuration files to the new server.
Copy all files in folder WWWROOT/htdocs/config to the new server.

Step 7: Start all services on the new system.

Step 8: Log in to the Admin UI and update the managed storage path.
This step is only necessary if the directory differs between the old and the new system.

Step 9: If Auto Archive Audit Database is enabled, in the Admin portal, go to Settings > Admin, then enter a storage path in Storage Path For Archived Audit Records, and click Check Path to confirm that the path exists and is writable.
This step is only necessary if the path differs between the old and the new system.

In a multi-tenant system, Steps 8 and 9 must be done for each tenant.

Step 10: Install SSL certificates.

Step 11: When using network folders, the service account for the following services must be an AD user that has full access to the network shares:

Name in FileCloud control panelWindows service name
Cron TaskFileCloud Cron Service
Message Queuefcorchestrator
FileCloud HelperFileCloud Helper
Document PreviewFileCloud Docconverter