FileCloud HA Configuration with 9 servers

FileCloud HA Configuration with 9 servers in Linux Infrastructure

In this documentation we will be implementing a 9 server HA setup. The diagram below shows the  the implemented setup.

We will be needing 

  • 1 Load balancer server
  • 2 apache nodes
  • 1 Samba server for Managed storage
  • 3 server MongoDB cluster
  • 1 standalone Solr Server
  • 1 Standalone backup server

In this we will be following the setup in the below order:

  1. Configuring 3 server MongoDB server
  2. Configuring Samba Server for Managed storage

  3. Configuring FileCloud In webservers

  4. Configuring HAproxy as loadbalancer.

  5. Configuring standalone Solr Server (Please contact support team to get the installation script for this, rest of the configuration same as this page)
  6. Configuring Standalone backup server