GDPR Compliance in FileCloud

As an Administrator, you may be asked to ensure the computing systems you oversee are GDPR compliant.

      • The General Data Protection Regulation, more popularly known as GDPR, is a broad set of rules governing data protection for all individuals within the EU 
      • GDPR regulations apply not only to companies located within the EU, but any company dealing with user data of EU residents
      • GDPR carries with it stiff penalties of 4% of revenue for companies that fail to comply

FileCloud provides a set of easy-to-use features that supports an organization's need to meet GDPR regulations.

GDPR Compliance Overview

How To Use FileCloud to Help with Compliance

Area of ComplianceDescription of FeaturesSteps to Take

User consent

GDPR requires that all users provide explicit consent to track personally identifiable information (PII).

  • FileCloud offers a new privacy setting to get explicit user consent.
  • Once enabled, FileCloud will ask for consent from users while accessing, viewing or downloading files from FileCloud.

Right to Access

With this provision, users may request access to any information companies possess relating to them.

  • FileCloud allows an organization's data protection officer or an administrator to search for user data across all file content and activity logs.
  • With the new FileCloud update, administrators can search for content across all users in the system.

Data Portability

GDPR provides that users may request a copy of data for use elsewhere, also known as ‘data portability’.

  • FileCloud allows the export of files in standard formats and activity logs in easily readable files.
  • Users can move their files easily from FileCloud to any other platform. 

Right to Be Forgotten

Under GDPR users may request the deletion or anonymization of any data companies possess relating to them.

  • FileCloud offers tools to delete files
  • FileCloud also helps you with anonymization of any data that companies possess relating to a user, including activities log.

Add Special User Types for DPOs

Companies with over 250 employees should assign a data protection officer (DPO) to overlook compliance.

  • FileCloud offers special user types with a subset of administrator tools.
  • Organizations can create special user accounts for DPOs and auditors to monitor compliance. 
  • You can select a subset of admin features that you want to enable for your DPOs. 

Use Patterns to Detect Problems

GDPR compliance requires companies to ensure that files with protected information have not been shared inappropriately.

  • IT and system administrators can now search for common data types
  • Quickly search using built-in pattern identifiers including e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and credit cards
  • FileCloud provides templates to search for complex patterns such as license plate numbers, driver’s licenses and national identification numbers, which are different across countries