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Channel settings give you access your channel's email address, customize your channel's look, and perform other channel maintenance functions.

To view and configure channel settings


, click the gear icon in the toolbar.
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General tab

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Channel public URL - The public URL of the channel that you include in web pages or send to users to give access to the channel. Click Copy to copy the URL.

Your email address for this channel - Members of the channel can send messages and attachments to the channel at this email address. When the channel sends messages to users, this is the sending address. Click Copy to copy the email address.

Export channel data - Click Export to create a zip file of the contents of this channel xxxxxx

Customization tab

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Background - Click anywhere on the background icon and upload a background image to appear in the chat screen. Click Change background

Logo - Click anywhere on the logo icon and upload a thumbnail image to represent the channel. Click Change Logo.

When the example customization is applied, the channel appears as:
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Advanced Settings tab

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Channel Name - Change the channel name.

Channel Description - Change the channel description.

Close Channel - Click Close to inactivate the channel so it no longer appears on your AirSend dashboard when you are viewing Active Channels, but remains in your system so you can re-activate it. See closing and re-activating a channel for more information.

Delete Channel - Permanently delete a channel.