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  • This is called Single sign-on (SSO) 
  • SSO is a type of a user authentication
  • SSO is available on Windows and Mac OS 

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To login to the FileCloud Server using a SSO:


FileCloud Sync Server URL

The URL to the FileCloud Server.

You can find this URLC

  • In the Welcome to FileCloud email you received with your user account
  • By contacting your Administrator
Use Device Authorization Code

This allows you to get a Device Authorization Code to connect to the server instead of a using SSO or username and password.

You administrator must configure this option.

To use Device Authorization Code:

  1. You must enter the server URL, the user account name (or email), and then click the "Request Access" button.
  2. If the request access was successful, you will get the following dialog which needs a device authorization code to login.

Administrators can read about:

Image Removed Image Added Configuring Desktop Apps SSO Login support - Code Based Authentication

Sync users can read about:

Image RemovedImage AddedUsing Device Authorization Codes


This button enables you to use SSO.

Document Editing Only

(no sync)

This turns off all synchronization while you are logged in with these account settings.

You can only edit files that have already been downloaded, and save your changes locally.


Choose the language to display:

  • FileCloud Sync menu options
  • Sync file browser
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
Proxy SettingsIf your company requires a proxy server to connect to internet, then you must provide that information.