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This can also make troubleshooting complicated. Use the following topics to find steps that will help you troubleshoot and resolve issues.

General Strategies

Image Modified  20.1 Files that don't sync

Image Modified 20.1 Change Sync Folder Location

Image Modified Changing FileCloud Sync Cache Folder

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Specific Issues

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titleInitial sync is taking too long


When starting up for the first time on a new computer, Sync will:

  1. Download all the files from the FileCloud server and
  2. Store the files in the temporary sync cache folder
  3. Copy the files into the sync folder

If there is a large number of files and data on the FileCloud server, this initial sync will take a long time to download the files.

(star) Subsequent file synchronization will be pretty fast.


  • In Sync, click the Home tab to see the Status. It indicates the current syncing status. If syncing is enabled, it displays ON. ix20 20.1 Sync Settings
  • In Sync, click the Home tab, then click View Errors to see if there are any reported errors. If there are errors, please follow the steps mentioned below depending upon the error.