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The User Dashboard is where you can view all of the files you have uploaded or have access to. 

Image Removed Image Added How Do I Access the User Dashboard?

How are files organized?

The Files section displays a list of all available data you can access.

Table 1. Folder Organization of Files

Image RemovedImage Added

Image Removed Image Added My Files  is your private store. Your Administrator sets the amount of space you have to store files.

Image Removed Image Added Team Folders provide a single place where teams in a company can store and organize files and folders.

  • Team folders are created and shared by your Administrator
  • Once the team folder is shared with you, you will be able to see team folders under your account in
    • FileCloud User Portal
    • FileCloud Sync
    • FileCloud Drive
    • Outlook and Office Add-Ins
  • You can invite other users to access files in the Team Folder
  • Files that you upload to the Team folder do not count against your storage quota

Image Removed Image Added Network Shares are special folders that allow you to access pre-existing files on your corporate Windows and/or Linux servers. 

  • These folders can be mounted in FileCloud and will appear as a location inside the Network Shares folder.
  • FileCloud licensing doesn't allow adding Limited users to access network shares.
  • To add limited users to a network share, a user with FULL access has to share the folder directly with the limited user. Administrators will receive an error if they try to grant access to Network Shares ti a user with LIMITED access.

The "Shared with me" is the folder that contains all the folder shared by other FileCloud users.