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Recover Deleted Items

If you had accidentally deleted file/folder, you can recover it from the deleted files link. The deleted files section acts as a recycle bin to store the files that are deleted. The administrator must have enabled this feature to send the deleted files to recycle bin if not the files will be permanently deleted. To recover the deleted files you can move cut from the deleted files and paste to the location where the file must be restored.

Note: Viewing the deleted files under My Files (Managed Storage) will display all the files and folders deleted from any location under My Files. Also, under the deleted files, the full path of the file where it was deleted will be stored. However, when viewing deleted files under Network Shares only files that were deleted from that particular network share folder will be displayed. In order to view the deleted files from a different network share folder, you must navigate to that network share folder and click the deleted files.

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Move, Copy, or Download the Deleted Items

When the deleted file/folder is found in the "Recycle Bin", users can move, copy or download directly from the list. Deleting items here will delete the item permanently and it will not be recoverable.

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