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<span style="font-size: 18px">In addition to first-rate tools that increase your efficiency, AirSend provides you with features that help you promote your brand, polish your messages, and add character to your communication.</span>

Customize your channels

Advertise your identity and your professionalism by adding a custom logo and background.

Highlight key points with markup

Add markup as you write messages for better emphasis and organization.

Enter markup like this:

to create bold and bulleted text like this:

For all of the markup features you can use in messages, see Formatting message content.

Accomplish more with inline commands

Use inline commands to quickly perform a wide range of functions. Below, a user enters the /inspire command to post an inspirational quote to the channel. To explore more commands, see Inline commands.

Express yourself!

Just for fun, add an emoji to your message: 

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