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FileCloud Enables Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

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FileCloud Enables Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

Home Solutions Virtual Data Rooms

Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

Managing investor meetings, negotiations, deals with your prospects, long-term contracts, and any internal projects requires a secure virtual space (aka Virtual Data Room) for holding documents and files. With FileCloud, you can create Virtual Data Room (VDR) that makes document management and collaboration as effective as you always wanted. FileCloud’s easy, secure, and regulated access to your document online, with functionality to share, review, download, comment, and archive them can prove to be a major enabler of success. You can securely store all kinds of documentation related to licenses, permits, contracts, intellectual property, proposals, plans, blueprints, and financial statements.

Easy Start

With FileCloud, setting up the VDR is simple, quick, and convenient. Once it’s set up, you can start adding people, uploading document, tracking activity, and auditing. Your VDR helps you engage potential investors and prospective clients like never before by taking care of anything and everything related to documentation and collaboration.

Efficient Collaboration

FileCloud powered Virtual Data Room has the potential to become the collaboration engine to drive your mega projects. The availability of critical documents with requisite levels of access privileges makes due diligence quicker and more efficient. With FileCloud, you can easily create notifications that will inform other users they need to review or approve the documentation or leave feedback, comments, and notes.

Secure, Private, and Protected

FileCloud delivers wholesome data security and privacy, enabling you to manage complex and grand projects, without worrying about documents. File encryption and access control ensure there’s no unauthorized data access to any document. Then, with restricted views, and extended activity logs, you can enforce any level of data privacy within the data room. It’s easy to define who’s able to view, edit, download, or share documents; that’s the granular level of security control that FileCloud offers.

Why FileCloud?

  • FileCloud provides on-premise or hybrid or cloud based workplace, where you can store, access, share and work on files securely.
  • Offers many granular sharing options:
    • Private, password protected sharing
    • View Only sharing
    • Restrict number of downloads
    • Restrict upload
    • Enforce upload limits
    • Temporary, time bound shares
    • View, download and sharing permissions at individual user or at group level
  • Unlike competitors, FileCloud offers free, unlimited client/partner accounts for your external vendors and partners.
  • Offers unparalleled customization /branding options : custom login page image, email templates, logo, terms of service and custom domain
  • Superior security – Including remote mobile app wipe, our proprietary Heuristic file content scanning engine to detect and block Ransomware
  • Detailed auditing with details on who, when, what and how any action (download, upload, view, preview or delete etc.) occurred
  • Trusted by 1000s of service providers, banks, hospitality companies, power utilities, national governments, and government agencies including NASA, US Army.

Customer Success Stories

FileCloud enables Virtual Data Room VDR for GorillaCloud.

“Support was brilliant throughout the whole building, testing phase. The support team provided a lot of value there as well, getting the information I needed in the time scales required”
Learn more

FileCloud Security – Encryption In-Transit and At Rest

Home Features Security Encryption

Encryption In-Transit and At Rest

With data interception and data leak on the rise, FileCloud uses the most secure technologies to satisfy any demanding usage situation. The SSL/TLS secure tunnel secures files during transmission and protects from data interception. In addition, FileCloud has adopted the 256-bit AES encryption for encrypting data at rest, which is impossible to decipher in case of data leak. This allows enterprises of any size to secure their data using FileCloud’s built-in secure technologies. Just configure and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with complete security.

Protect Data in Transit

FileCloud administrators can turn on SSL to enable secure sharing. Simply get a new SSL certificate, configure the underlying Apache web server to use the certificate, and enable HTTPS protocol. We highly recommend disabling HTTP and/or automatically re-directing all HTTP requests to HTTPS.

Protect Data at Rest

FileCloud supports storage-level encryption and provides an easily configurable tool to encrypt files at rest. FileCloud uses 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strictest encryption standards in the world. AES encryption is approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for federal use.

Seamless End User Decryption

FileCloud administrators need not worry about end user experience after encryption is enabled. A FileCloud user’s experience won’t change, and decryption happens automatically when files are securely accessed via FileCloud.

FileCloud Administrator Dashboard

Home Features Administrator Controls Admin Dashboard

Centralized Administrator Dashboard

The centralized administrator control dashboard provides a single-page view of the complete system, including: user counts broken down by user types, storage quota, disk usage, license information, and system version. The dashboard also monitors pending updates, latest files and users added to FileCloud.

Manage Storage Quota and Disk Usage

FileCloud’s easy snapshot view of the storage quota and disk usage helps administrators keep the system up and running with zero disruption. The storage quota is broken down into Allocated Quota, Used Quota and Remaining Quota. In addition, the information on disk usage, log folder size, and available log space provides insight into the back end of the system.

Manage License Information and System Updates

FileCloud’s license section summarizes licenses and their expiration dates. One click takes you to a page from which you can update the system with new licenses. The system version and update section also lets you know if there are any pending updates to FileCloud. This allows you not only to be informed of any pending updates, but also download all new updates with one click.

File Analytics and Reports

Admin dashboard provides administrators a quick snapshot of the FileCloud system – usage trends, peak usage, access by geo, charts to show storage usage and content type. Provides statistics on Total Users, Full/Guest Users, Groups, Managed Files, Network Folders, User Shares, Devices, and Audit Records. Learn more about File Analytics and Reports

FileCloud Activity Stream for Easy File Collaboration

Home Features › Activity Stream for Easy Collaboration

Activity Stream for Easy Collaboration

In today’s collaborative work environment with multiple people working on the same set of files, we find it hard to keep track of various actions. FileCloud offers ‘Activity Stream’, a feature that provides a quick snapshot history of various actions on a folder or a file.

Automatic Activity Cards

FileCloud automatically generates a simple activity card that shows who, when, what (e.g. downloaded the file) and how (e.g. using a mobile app) of various actions.

Neatly Organized

FileCloud organizes the events by daily, weekly, monthly for easy browsing. Track the following actions:
  • Shared or recently un-shared
  • Downloaded
  • Renamed
  • Updated time, and by whom
  • Change permission
  • Added file to a folder
  • Deleted

Add Comments

Without a system like FileCloud, we keep track of changes by emailing the details back and forth. FileCloud provides a simple solution – an ability to add comments that are tracked along with the file. To trace any details, instead of searching through old emails, you can view at a file’s activity stream to get additional information.

Unlimited Client or Partner Accounts for File Sharing

Home Features Unlimited Client/ Partner Accounts

Unlimited Client/ Partner Accounts (Free!)

FileCloud offers free ‘limited accounts’ (aka client / partner accounts) for clients, external vendors and partners. Limited accounts are superior to password protected shares offered by our competitors.

Limited user accounts can view/upload/download content shared with them and are limited to access via a web browser.

Avoid multiple passwords

Generally, when users share multiple files with a same partner then the partner ends with many ‘link + password’ combinations. On the other hand, when users use FileCloud’s limited accounts, partners can access all shared files by logging into their limited account, which groups all the permitted shares under one interface.

Better audit

Limited accounts provide complete audit trail that shows when, who accessed what. You can track if a document has been viewed by a partner or a client.


Limited user accounts are free and do not count towards your user license limit.Offers significant cost savings for you.

FileCloud – Enterprise File Sharing and Sync with Advanced Audit

Home Features Audit

Search and Audit Tools

FileCloud’s audit reports help system administrators to manage enterprise of any size, understand usage and monitor user behavior. The reports and filtering tools can be easily accessed via the centralized administrator dashboard.

Shares and Locks

From the administrator dashboard, system administrators can view the complete list of shares created by users and locked files and folders. The User Shares Report includes information such as user name, location, expiration and share type (private or public). The User Locks Report provides a list of files locked by users.

Latest Files and Users Added

FileCloud provides a quick view of the latest files and users added. This helps administrators monitor usage and be aware of their growing user base.

User Operations

FileCloud monitors all user logins and activities including deletion, uploads and downloads. In addition, FileCloud provides tools to filter activities using date range, user names and text search.

Enterprise File Sharing and Sync, with Single Sign On (SSO) Support

Home Features Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On (SSO)

When the same group of users needs access to a plethora of applications, creating custom authentication for each application ruins end user experience and makes it nearly impossible for system administrators to maintain varied authentication lists. FileCloud can easily integrate with existing authentication systems within an enterprise.

SAML SSO Support

FileCloud can be easily integrated with OKTA. In this setup, OKTA acts as the identity provider and FileCloud as the service provider.

ADFS SSO Support

FileCloud can be set up so users can use their ADFS credentials to access FileCloud. In this setup, from a SAML standpoint, FileCloud acts as a service provider and as a claims-aware application.

Microsoft NT LAN Manager(NTLM) SSO Support

FileCloud can be set up so users are automatically logged into FileCloud by enabling domain user SSO login.

FileCloud Supports Multi-Tenancy

Home Features › Multi-Tenant

Single or Multi-Tenant

Are you an MSP or a system administrator handling multiple branch offices? If so, don’t worry about spinning-up multiple FileCloud instances. FileCloud supports multi-tenancy and reduces the overhead costs of maintaining multiple instances for data and access abstraction.

Manage Site Dashboard

When enabled for multi-tenancy, FileCloud includes a default super administrator user with control over multiple sites. The “Manage Site” dashboard provides all the needed information for all sites on a single page.

Administrator Per Site

Although the super administrator can manage all sites, FileCloud enables the super administrator to create a separate administrator for each site. These administrators only have access to the site to which they are assigned. This makes it easy to manage multiple sites and maintain strict support Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Custom Configuration Per Site

Every site can be configured with a custom User Limit, Storage Quota, and Expiration. Adding and removing a site is web-supported, and it takes just a few clicks.

Remote Access to Existing Network Folders while Continuing to Leverage NTFS Permissions

Home Features › Network Folders, NTFS Support

Integrate with Existing File Shares and Servers

The easiest way to provide remote access to your existing Windows and Network Folder shares without moving your files! And FileCloud will honor existing NTFS permissions.

Network Folders and Home Directories

Bring secure remote and VPN-less access to existing network folders. Users can also share and sync files in network folders. FileCloud’s smart mount allows configuring thousands of folders quickly.

NTFS Permissions

FileCloud supports reading existing Microsoft NTFS permissions on network folders and applying them to user access. No need to duplicate access privileges in FileCloud.


FileCloud runs inside your own infrastructure, allowing your files to remain in your servers, so you retain 100% control over your data.

FileCloud for Collaboration

Home Features Collaboration

File And Folder Sync Software For Windows, Linux & Mac

FileCloud’s File and Folder Sync software is a client app that can run on Windows, Mac or Linux. FileCloud’s File and Folder Sync seamlessly enables a special folder on your computer to synchronize with the FileCloud server. In addition, all the files under the special folder on your local desktop is available for access via FileCloud mobile apps, tablets and the web interface.

Seamless Collaboration

Invite your team members and share a folder. Now, the whole team can add and edit files in that folder. All changes made are instantly synced across your team members for seamless collaboration. Team members can be spread across the world, but FileCloud Sync will make it seem like all your team members are in a room collaborating.

Manage Conflicts

If two people change the same file at the same time, FileCloud Sync app won’t try to merge the changes. Instead, it will save the original file as well as a second version which has the same name but is appended with “Conflict_,” the name of the person or computer responsible, and the date and time the conflict occurred. By creating a conflicted file, FileCloud Sync app ensures that all changes are preserved and nobody will overwrite another person’s work.

Network Folder Offline Access

FileCloud Sync’s powerful feature enables Network Folder available for offline access. The user can not only add/edit files from anywhere but also holds the control of setting the sync frequency between the copy of the Network Folder on the desktop with the folder on the LAN.

Backup via Sync

In addition to enabling seamless collaboration, FileCloud File and Folder Sync software can be used to back your desktop(Windows, Mac or Linux) to FileCloud.

Backup Tool

Open the FileCloud Sync up, configure and you got a automated process that backs all your desktop data.

Sync Icon Overlays & Extensions

FileCloud Sync on Windows will show the sync status of every file and folder underneath the sync’s special folder. The visual cue provides an instant confirmation if the file/folder got synced with the FileCloud server.

Sync for Netgear ReadyNAS

Are you running a Netgear ReadyNAS? You can sync all the files and folder on your NAS to FileCloud.

Advanced Sync

FileCloud Sync is built with features that would satisfy advanced level use cases.

Quick Edit Documents

FileCloud Quick Edit Document feature uses FileCloud Sync to enable edit of documents over the web interface. Users can open document they would like to edit via the Web UI, edit using a local editor and let FileCloud Sync App take care of the rest with respect to uploading the changes to the FileCloud server.

Selective Folder Sync

You can selectively choose folders that you want synced between the FileCloud server and your computer. This feature helps conserve space on your computer and limits the sync process to important folders.

Shared Folder Sync

FileCloud Sync not only syncs your FileCloud folders & files but also folders that are shared by other users with you. The sync of shared folder is key to enabled team collaboration.

Secure File Sharing

Create a public or a fully private share to files where you can exchange business files with clients easily and securely. You can send large files by email, conduct a secure file transfer or set up a collaboration space for project-related files.

Powerful Controls

Limit the maximum number of downloads for a shared file, automatically expire a share after a certain time, anonymous file uploads, prevent downloads, integrate file uploads with your website and more.


Built-in Document Preview and Quick Editing of Documents from the web browser simplify collaboration. Add comments to files to keep everyone in the loop. Lock (check-out) files while editing to prevent unexpected overwrites.


Changes to shared folders like uploads or file changes are sent out as notifications via email to everyone connected to the share. Activity Streams for every folder allows users to review and view all changes that happened to a folder or a file over a period of time.

Deep Integration with Office, Outlook

Providing a seamless experience with Office productivity applications is one of the core value propositions of FileCloud. FileCloud client apps (Desktop Sync, Office Add-in and Outlook Add-in) enable best-in-class integration with Microsoft Office apps on PCs as well as on mobile. Learn more about FileCloud integration with Office.

Outlook Add-on

Instead of attaching large files in emails, FileCloud Outlook add-on automatically uploads large files to FileCloud and creates an url for users to share easily.

Office Mobile Apps

Microsoft Office Mobile apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on iOS and Android can directly open/edit/save files stored in FileCloud server.

Office Add-on

FileCloud Office Add-ons (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) help directly open/edit files from FileCloud. Users can save files to FileCloud directly from Office apps.

Integrate with Existing file shares and Identity systems

Provide remote access to your existing Windows and Network Folder shares without any changes to your existing business processes.


Allow your existing Active Directory users to use FileCloud using their existing credentials. Support multiple Active Directory servers, support Mixed Domain Active Directory (Hosted AD). Support Single Sign-On (SSO) using NTLM SSO, SAML and ADFS.

Network Folders and Home Directories

Bring secure remote and VPN-less access to existing network folders and user home directories. Users can also share and offline sync files in network folders. Smart Mount of network folders allows making 1000s of individual folders configured quickly via the admin portal.

NTFS Permissions

FileCloud supports reading existing Microsoft NTFS permissions on network folders and applying them to user access. There is no need to recreate access privileges in FileCloud.

Comply with Regulations

FileCloud will help you comply with the regulations required in your specific industry or vertical. The growing requirements for securing corporate privacy and keeping multi-level threats at bay require a strongly compliant File Sharing and Sync solution.

Data Residency

FileCloud is self-hosted, so you pick the infrastructure and location where FileCloud runs, which helps to comply with many growing strict regional privacy requirements like the European Union.

Audit Trail

FileCloud’s activity logs capture the What, When, Who and How attributes of every user action within the system. This helps with meeting various regulations like HIPAA etc.

Complete Transparency

FileCloud, unlike Public Cloud Enterprise File Sharing solutions, provides complete IT department control and management of corporate files.


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