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Archive for September, 2021

FileCloud Compliance Center

FileCloud’s Compliance Center

ITAR, HIPAA, and GDPR Compliance Support for File Storage and Sharing

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FileCloud for Compliance

FileCloud’s Compliance Center organizes FileCloud’s security and sharing features into one streamlined interface to support your compliance needs. System administrators can follow FileCloud’s built-in best practices suggestions for ITAR, GDPR, and HIPAA to apply the necessary security and sharing settings.

Simple Reports and Audits

Users can export settings for each compliance policy, along with a report on violations so teams can focus quickly on any issues to be addressed. Event logs can be saved for archival and governance purposes or shared with managers, CTOs, CIOs, and external parties for easy audits and reporting.

Save Time and Money

The Compliance Center makes navigating the complex standards easy. It lets you gather information at a glance, explore requirements (and how FileCloud can help you meet them), and toggle configuration settings with just a few clicks, saving you time, money, and effort.

FileCloud’s Compliance Center Helps Make Sense of Requirements

The Compliance Center is a powerful tool for compliance and IT managers. This interface clarifies and connects complex ITAR, HIPAA, and GDPR requirements with actionable policies and settings within FileCloud, allowing managers to see whether or not compliance regulations are met and fix any issues in minutes.

Admins can explore the different configurations in greater detail by clicking on the ITAR, HIPAA, or GDPR tab within the compliance center dashboard. Compliance requirements are listed in a table, along with FileCloud settings that address the requirement. The “Status” column confirms compliance or depicts the number of violations. The “Actions” column connects users with information and editing options.

Admins control which rules in the configuration to activate. Already have a solution in place for a requirement outside your FileCloud environment? No problem – simply bypass the rule in the “Actions” column.

ITAR Compliance Requirements

ITAR (United States International Traffic in Arms Regulation) compliance regulations provide guidelines on securing confidential information for companies involved in the manufacture, sale, or distribution of defense-related articles.

HIPAA Compliance Requirements

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a federal law that requires certain standards and regulations to be met to prevent sensitive health information from being released without patient consent. Healthcare providers, plans, and clearinghouses, as well as business associates are required to meet these regulations to protect sensitive health information. e-HPI—or electronic is also subject to HIPAA protections, which is where FileCloud comes into play.

GDPR Compliance Requirements

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a European data privacy law with regulatory requirements that affect anyone (including those who don’t live in the EU) who processes personal data or offers goods/services to EU residents. Any collected information must be secured, along with strict rules for consent, processing of data, and consumer requests for data.

FileCloud is the Ultimate Compliance Solution

FileCloud provides all the tools users need for document management, records retention, content classification, and file sharing. FileCloud offers security features such as data leak prevention, ransomware protection, FIPS 140-2 encryption, and more so you can have complete peace-of-mind and meet compliance standards for ITAR, HIPPA, and GDPR.

Powerful Features for Secure Compliance

FileCloud incorporates sophisticated security and sharing features like custom metadata, Smart Classification, and DLP capabilities.

For example, metadata tags can be created for defense articles and technical data, which are then applied to documents using Smart Classification. DLP rules connected with the Classification Engine ensures that no files with this metadata can be publicly shared.

FileCloud’s Compliance Center also connects admins with SSL, encryption, and audit settings to provide multi-tiered security protections. Informational rules like “Confirm all users are US residents” provide useful prompts for system admins to confirm regulatory requirements are met.

Regulatory processes are a critical aspect for both private and public sector organizations. FileCloud is responding to this emerging technical landscape by developing integrated and streamlined tools to support IT admins and compliance managers.

FileCloud Features for Compliant File Sharing

End-to-End Encryption protects data in transit.

FIPS 140-2 Encryption secures files and data at rest.

Remove Public Access to prevent file access to external parties.

View-Only Access to restrict sharing access (no downloads, editing, or deletion).

Smart Content Classification applies automated metadata for better organization and security.

Smart Data Leak Prevention provides protection throughout the data lifecycle.

Strong Login Security requirements set by admins minimizes login security risks.

Remote Wipe protects user data in the event of lost/stolen devices

FileCloud App in Microsoft Teams

FileCloud App in Microsoft Teams

Integrate FileCloud with Microsoft Teams using the new extension. Share links to FileCloud content and take advantage of direct sharing for network and team folders.

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Share Links

Easily find files and send share links using the FileCloud extension in the Teams message bar. Navigate and select files in a simplified list view with advanced share options.

Direct Links

Share direct links to team or network folder content with your Microsoft Teams contacts. No FileCloud login required – valid user credentials are cached to support access permissions.

FileCloud Tab

You can now add FileCloud as a tab to Microsoft Team’s sidebar menu. Clicking the tab opens FileCloud within Microsoft Teams, with the same functionality as opening in a web browser.

Uninterrupted Workspace

FileCloud’s intuitive connection with Microsoft Teams creates a smooth bridge between file storage and secure sharing. Users can avoid context switching thanks to the in-app FileCloud extension. Share links also incorporate FileCloud’s range of security features like password protection, link expiration, and download caps.

Access and View File Details in Microsoft Teams

The FileCloud tab provides users with full information on their files, including metadata, comments, and version history. No need to switch back and forth between FileCloud browser tab and Microsoft Teams. Easily find and share the exact file you need without leaving the Microsoft Teams window.

Leverage Microsoft and FileCloud for Greater Collaboration

FileCloud’s integration with Microsoft Teams provides users with advanced file sharing options directly within a familiar team collaboration platform. After a quick install to set up the FileCloud extension in Teams, users can continue conversations seamlessly with peers, managers, and project stakeholders, sharing information and files from FileCloud’s secure environment.

Share Files in Microsoft Teams through the FileCloud Extension


Share project schedules, diagrams, and requirements with designers and coordinators within the Microsoft environment.


“Easy integration of FileCloud with our existing network drive structure was superb.” – Steve, IT Manager at Health Association Nova Scotia.


Access research notes and article drafts through the FileCloud app in Microsoft Teams, preserving your organization and security.

Financial Services

“FileCloud has been a big hit with our users and we hope to continue to use it for other solutions in the future.” – Sean Rich, Vice President & Senior Network Engineer at First United.

Real Estate

Large contracts or small addendums are handled with ease and communication is streamlined between clients, lenders, and agents.


FileCloud met our requirements and provided an easy to use solution.” – Fabian, Network Analyst at Chartered Professional Accountants Ontario.

OnlyOffice Integration

FileCloud & OnlyOffice Integration

Edit and collaborate on OnlyOffice documents, presentations, and spreadsheets directly from FileCloud with our convenient integration.

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Easy and Secure Access

It has never been easier to work remotely with FileCloud’s capability for you to securely open, save, edit, co-edit, and share OnlyOffice documents on or off-premises and from any browser.

Real-time Collaboration

Work together on files in real-time with OnlyOffice’s co-editing feature. Multiple users can simultaneously view and edit a document, and cursors are tagged with a name and color so it’s clear who is doing what.

Custom Experience

FileCloud is used by thousands of customers every day to create, edit, and share millions of files. FileCloud’s OnlyOffice and other integrations help provide a user experience customized to your specific file sharing and editing needs.

Full Integration for Streamlined Work

Maximize focus and convenience by removing the need to switch between applications. FileCloud can be fully integrated with your OnlyOffice Document Server if you have an OnlyOffice subscription. Once integrated, you can find, edit, co-edit, save, and share OnlyOffice files in FileCloud from any browser.

Advanced Editing and Collaboration Features

FileCloud’s Web Edit feature opens OnlyOffice files (docx, pptx, xlsx) with a click of your mouse. From there, collaborate with co-editing, which allows multiple users to view and edit a document at the same time. Finally, continue conversations with peers, managers, and stakeholders through FileCloud’s secure file sharing.

Enterprise-level Protection for Peace of Mind

FileCloud offers unlimited file versioning. You can open and revert to older document versions right from your browser so you don’t lose valuable work. Other helpful tools include smart data leak prevention, digital rights management, and automatic document life cycle management.

Organizations Love FileCloud


Students, faculty, and administrators can securely open, edit, collaborate on, and share files with ease.


“We chose FileCloud for its ease of installation and use, as well as the generous price point and helpful support.” – Call Design


Work together on cases, create legal documents, and securely store and share files all in one place.


“FileCloud truly hit the mark! Looking at FileCloud’s future road map leaves me excited!” – Scheck Industries


Enjoy safe and simple access to documents both on and off-site that you can edit, save, and share wherever you are.


“India’s first paperless cabinet meeting was made possible by FileCloud.” – AP IT Office

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation Made Simple

FileCloud’s powerful yet easy-to-use workflow automation software increases the efficiency of your organization by helping users work smarter.

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Drag-and-Drop Workflows

Our drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to build any business workflow. Managers can create and share custom workflows with their team to improve performance by reducing error and making high-volume tasks easier to accomplish.

No Coding Needed

Anyone can set up review processes, send automated messages, and more by creating workflows without code. Our no-code design makes it simple for users to automate their work.

Real-time Reports

A convenient dashboard shows every running workflow so that users can see work happen in real-time. Our reports give you all the data you need with just a click.

Automate Processes for Next-Level Performance

Optimize your organization’s performance by automating everything from simple tasks to complex processes. Workflow automation increases the efficiency and productivity of organizations as users and teams are empowered to get more done.

Easy Tracking and Collaboration

Users and admins can track work as it happens with a convenient dashboard that shows every running workflow. Streamline collaboration by improving oversight and reducing manual tasks like sending notification emails.

Get the Best ROI in the Industry

FileCloud’s workflow automation comes with all the benefits of FileCloud, including enterprise file storage and collaboration, flexible infrastructure (self-hosted, hybrid, or cloud), unparalleled security and compliance, and award-winning support. Save time and money by replacing unnecessary subscriptions like Nintex with an all-in-one solution.

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Departments Love FileCloud Workflows


Automate contract review and approval processes, sales rep onboarding, and client notifications.


Streamline content collaboration, press and product releases, and agency partnerships.


Enhance security, compliance, and administration through automated workflows and easy monitoring.


Expedite new employee onboarding, time-off and expense approvals, and new policy review and implementation.


Simplify patent and contract approval processes and new policy reviews.


Improve forecasting processes, speed of invoice approvals, and simplicity of checkpoint notifications.


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