Tech tip : How to recover an older version in case of a problem with new version

FileCloud automatically maintains multiple versions of a file . The number of version kept is configurable by the system administrator. By default up to 3 versions are kept.

If any older versions of a file is available, it can be accessed using the context menu. Previous versions are available only for Managed storage and not for Network Folders.

When sharing a folder or file, if the share has “Write” permission set, then the Previous Versions of files are also available.

To Access previous versions

To access previous versions, Click on the file and select “previous versions” from the context menu to view the prior saved versions. 1

To Download previous versions

From the Previous Versions list, download the version you want. 2

To Delete previous versions

From the Previous Versions list, delete the version you want.


To Delete all Previous Versions in all Files

Users can delete all previous versions in all files by opening the recycle bin and selecting the option.