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Safe and Secure Storage

FileCloud offers hyper-secure cloud storage and sharing solutions for accounting file sharing. FileCloud’s security features mean you don’t have to worry about sharing and storing files with sensitive client information anymore. FileCloud also comes bundled with backup and sync features to ensure complete data loss prevention and protection.

Branded Client Portal

Accountants can create a secure, customizable branded client portal for their clients, all within FileCloud’s system, at no additional cost. Client accounts are free and unlimited (users only pay for their staff), allowing clients to share and receive sensitive files in one secure, accessible portal.

Workflow Automation

FileCloud’s new workflow automation feature is a way for accountants to automate tedious but important administrative tasks like intake forms, document review and approval, and signoffs. Workflows are easy to create with a no-code, drag-and-drop design and are built within FileCloud’s secure system and streamlining document sharing for accountants.

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Accounting firms work constantly with sensitive and private documents, such as tax forms and financial statements, balance sheets, client account information, and proof-of-identity files. Sharing, storing, and maintaining these files is an important aspect of accounting that can make or break a firm’s success.

It is vital that these sensitive documents are stored in a system that meets compliance requirements while remaining hyper-secure.

That’s where FileCloud comes into play.

FileCloud’s accountant file sharing is an all-in-one storage and sharing solution that offers a host of features and benefits like hyper-security, a compliance center, and workflow automation to name just a few.

FileCloud doesn’t read your private data and no one else can either. FileCloud is the best cloud storage for accountants, since it combines data storage and management in a synchronous manner. FileCloud offers affordable solutions so that accounting firms can store and share data securely and compliantly.

FileCloud doesn’t read your private data and no one else can either. FileCloud for cpa secure file sharing combines data storage and management in a synchronous manner. FileCloud offers affordable solutions so that accounting firms can store and share data securely and compliantly.

FileCloud’s Branded Client Portal

One of the difficulties that accountants face is having a place both they and their clients can access to upload, store, and review sensitive data and documents. FileCloud has the solution to this problem: users have the option to create a secure, branded client portal.

Workflow Builder

It’s easy to create this client portal and brand it with your own logos, photos, email templates, and custom URL.

This client portal can be accessed by clients 24/7 on any device connected to the internet and allows users to securely upload, download, and review sensitive documents, all within one branded platform.

Workflow Automation with FileCloud

Workflow automation is an exciting new feature within the FileCloud system. Workflow automation allows accounting firms to automate certain tedious but important administrative tasks like document review, client intake forms, signoffs, and approvals.

Workflow Builder

It’s easy to create workflows within FileCloud’s secure system. Workflows can be created by anyone with a simple, no-code, drag-and-drop design and built-in logic that is easy to share and edit.

Workflow Builder

All running workflows configured for cpa secure file transfer can be seen within a dashboard that gives users a bird’s eye view of their workflows and helps address any errors in automation. Logs and audits can also be accessed from this dashboard for review and compliance purposes.

Workflow Builder

The branded client portal and workflow automations are just a few of the ways users are empowered by FileCloud’s system. FileCloud has a host of other features that are helpful for accounting firms including:

Data protection: Different security layers are provided for data protection which includes encryption, tunneling, antivirus protection, ransomware protection, and two-factor authentication.

Content analytics: FileCloud keeps audit trails and logging information which includes username, IP addresses, and system information to track information flow and provide security.

Advanced file sharing: Files can be shared publicly or privately with team members according to the requirements of your firm.

On-premises or cloud-based storage: FileCloud provides flexibility in operations by providing cloud business solutions, in which users are free to choose on-premises data storage or a cloud-based data storage model.

Sync, share, and mobile access: CPA file sharing offers remote access of data, mobile access, and synchronization of data across different devices.

Affordable: FileCloud offers a robust ROI with features like workflow automation, client portals, and branding all within one secure system at an accessible price.

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FileCloud security includes 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest and SSL/TLS protocols for data in transit, ransomware protection, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, recycle bin policies, and endpoint device protection.

Unlimited File Versioning

FileCloud automatically stores version files as they change and makes it easy to restore previous versions. Administrators have full control over the number of versions to keep.

Large File Upload & Share Support

Does your daily file sharing include large files? Now, share large files without limits or the need to rely on a VPN or FTP process. You can share files of any size with clients, partners, and employees, all within your secure FileCloud portal.

Powerful Administration Interface

FileCloud’s powerful admin features make it easier to manage many files. For better insights, you can check usage trends, peak usage, geodata, and more analytical indicators. Admin can also apply global policies, create custom workflows, and audit the whole account easily.

Preview Files

Within FileCloud, you can preview multiple types of files using built-in document preview options. Easily preview Word, Excel, and PDF files, among other formats without downloading a single file.

Custom Branding

FileCloud showcases your brand in every way possible. Host your files on your custom domain, apply your themes and logo, update email, system notifications, and terms of service templates, and change background image, fonts, and other CSS.

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FileCloud – client portal for accountants

FileCloud Provides Unlimited Storage: FileCloud provides its user with unlimited data storage capacity. Data can be stored and backed up on cloud servers at a remote location. Data can also be accessed anywhere and anytime through internet-connected devices including mobile phones and tablets for accountants & cpa secure file share.

Recover deleted files: Online cloud server backup comes with data loss prevention. FileCloud’s backup server lets you recover deleted files in the event of accidental deletion. Unlimited file versioning lets you restore previous versions of files, so you never have to worry about losing a file to overwriting or auto-saving.

Why FileCloud? FileCloud is a hyper-secure, all-in-one storage and sharing solution that provides a host of benefits and features at a competitive cost.

Client software portal for accountants

"We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly"

FileCloud Data Loss Prevention

FileCloud’s unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage ensures that sensitive and private data is protected across all your devices.

  • Admins can view all the devices accessing data using FileCloud and monitor suspicious activities in real-time.
  • Admins can view all file shares (Public and Private) enacted by users.
  • Admins can filter audit logs based on file name, operation (shared, download or upload), or username.

Data loss prevention

"“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”"

How FileCloud Handles Secure File Sharing for Accountants?

FileCloud is a single stop for all the data storage requirements for accountants. FileCloud offers storage and sharing solutions that are secure and protected against cyber threats. Power APIs can be integrated within FileCloud to provide maximum utilization of services. FileCloud offers fully secured and encrypted data storage business solutions. Cloud storage servers are equipped with the latest technology to deal with data security such as end-to-end encryption, AES 256-bit encryption, and secure tunnels for file transfer.

FileCloud – Best Secure File Sharing for Accountants:

FileCloud offers the best services to its customers, ranging from a remote storage facility with FileCloud Online to on-premises storage solutions with FileCloud Server. FileCloud greatly supports data management on behalf of firms, thereby saving time and energy. Data can be stored and shared in seconds across the globe with multiple teams working together and collaborating in real-time. Increase the efficiency of your accounting firm by organizing files and documents in team folders, with an easy search function for client information and data. FileCloud is a hyper-secure system that tracks of all the activities taking place on the server and prevents unauthorized access to user accounts.

Private secure file sharing for account firms

“FileCloud is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution.”


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