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After you install the FileCloud Android App you can access the files in your FileCloud Server Account.

In the FileCloud Android App you can:

  •  Preview of .pdf and .txt files
  • Stream video files
  • Open common file formats such as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx etc. by sending the file to appropriate Android apps


When selecting a .pdf or .txt file, the preview will occur directly in-app. From the following preview screen, you can still decide to open your document using a third party app, using the  icon :    


Figure 1. File and Folder Listing               Figure 2. File Menu


To access your files:

  1. Open the FileCloud app.
  2. Your files are in the My Files folder.
  3. If it is available, to see a preview of a file you can just tap on the file. 
  4. To access options for the folder you are in, tap the plus icon ().
  5. To access more options for a file or folder inside the current folder, to the right of the file or folder name, tap the menu icon ().

FileCloud supports streaming of the following video formats :


If you navigate deep into a directory tree, you might want to get back to the "base" folder.

In the tablet version of the FileCloud app:

  1. To directly navigate to the base folder, on the left column view, tap the Files option.

You can tap the refresh icon on the top of the screen to refresh a view.

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