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Android OS Compatibility

  •  FileCloud's latest app is only available for Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP) and above.

You must set up the FileCloud Android App before you can access the files in your FileCloud Server Account.

Authentication information is saved securely in Android's security infrastructure and cannot be accessed by anyone even if your device is lost.

  • The connection between your Android device and FileCloud server can be secured by using https:// instead of http:// (at a cost of speed).
  • All access to the FileCloud server in a LAN (where your Android device and the FileCloud server are in the same network) is always direct (your data is never sent outside the network in those cases).

FileCloud's Android App allows setting a PIN code/fingerprint scan so you can lock the app. You can enable this form the 'Security' section of the settings, accessible by clicking the icon in the main account page. When the access code is set, you can also unlock the FileCloud app with your fingerprint, if your device supports it. You need to have at least one fingerprint registered in your device's system for this feature to be available.


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To install the FileCloud app:

  1. Locate the details of your user account for the FileCloud server site.  
  2. From the Google Play Store, download the FileCloud Android App.
  3. Open the Android App.
  4. On the accounts page, click on the add account icon ().
  5. Type in the required Account URL
  6. Type in the Account Name and Password.

Once the account is authenticated, you can access the files belonging to the account. 

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