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 All guides are available in PDF format.

  Administrator Guides                                                   User Guides

Administrator Guides

Feature SetVersionFile to Download Size
Installation19.1FileCloud_Installation_Guide23 MB
Site Setup for Storage19.1FileCloud_SiteSetup_Storage14 MB
Site Setup for User Access19.1 FileCloud_SiteSetup_UserAccess15 MB
Site Setup for Multi-Tenancy and High Availability19.1 2 MB
Site Setup for Documents and Other Features19.1 FileCloud_SiteSetup_DocsOther16 MB
Site Setup for GDPR and Governance19.1FileCloud_SiteSetup_GDPRGov2 MB
Maintenance - Upgrades19.1FileCloud_Maintenance_Upgrades1 MB
Maintenance - Managing Users and Groups19.1FileCloud_Maintenance_Users5 MB
Maintenance - Managing Your Storage Space19.1FileCloud_Maintenance_ManageStorage4 MB
Maintenance - Monitoring, Reports, and Troubleshooting19.1FileCloud_Maintenance_Monitoring13 MB
 ServerLink19.1 FileCloud_ServerLink.5 MB
 ServerSync19.1.5 MB

User Guides

Feature SetVersionFile to DownloadSize 
User Portal19.1FileCLoud_User_Portal 28 MB
Mobile Apps19.1FileCloud_MobileApps25 MB
Sync Desktop Client19.1FileCloud_Sync14 MB
Drive and MacDrive Desktop Clients19.1FileCloud_DriveandMacDrive8 MB


Feature SetVersionFile to DownloadSize 
Admin & User19.1 1 MB