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Administrator Guides

Feature SetVersionFile to Download Size
Installation20.319 MB
Site Setup for Storage20.3FileCloud 20_3 Administrator and Storage Settings.pdf19 MB
Site Setup for User Access20.3FileCloud 20_3 User, Share, and Client Security Set Up.pdf28 MB
Site Setup for Multi-Tenancy and High Availability20.32 MB
Site Setup for Documents and Other Features20.326 MB
Site Setup for GDPR and Retention Policies20.3FileCloud 20_3 Settings for GDPR and Retention Policies.pdf2 MB
Using Smart Classification, Smart DLP, and Metadata20.3FileCloud 20_3 Smart Classification, Smart DLP, and Metadata.pdf7 MB
Maintenance - Upgrades20.32 MB
Maintenance - Managing Users and Groups20.38 MB
Maintenance - Backup and Restoring20.3FileCloud 20_3 Backing Up and Restoring.pdf2 MB
Maintenance - Monitoring, Reports, Workflows, and Troubleshooting20.3FileCloud 20_3 Monitoring, Reports, Workflows, and Troubleshooting.pdf16 MB
 ServerLink20.31 MB
 ServerSync20.32 MB

User Guides

Feature SetVersionFile to DownloadSize 
User Portal20.3FileCloud 20_3 User Guide.pdf19 MB
Mobile Apps20.3FileCloud 20_3 Mobile Apps.pdf16 MB
Sync Desktop Client20.3FileCloud 20_3 User Guide for Sync.pdf14 MB
Drive and MacDrive Desktop Clients20.3FileCloud 20_3 Drive and MacDrive.pdf12 MB
Microsoft Office and Outlook Add-ons20.3FileCloud 20_3 Microsoft Outlook and Office Add-ons.pdf3 MB
Browser Extensions, Integration with Zapier, and Automation App20.3FileCloud 20_3 Browser Extensions, Integration with Zapier, and Automation App.pdf6 MB


Feature SetVersionFile to DownloadSize 
Admin & User20.3 246 KB