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November 15, 2021

Direct upgrade from the FileCloud Admin portal is not available for this patch. You must perform a complete upgrade. 
For instructions, see:
Windows: Upgrade using Update Tool (Windows Only)
Linux: Run the LINUX Upgrade Script

Patch fixes these issues.
ServerAutomated workflowsCL-10220An error causing workflow trigger options to fail to appear has been fixed.
ServerDLPCL-10242DLP rules did not effectively block file downloads if the rules allowed their parent folders to be downloaded. This has been fixed so that a parent folder and all of its contents cannot be downloaded if any file in the folder is blocked from download.
ServerSMS 2FACL-9537Now, when users choose SMS 2FA, the phone number field automatically inserts the country code.
ServerSSLCL-10321An SSL syntax error preventing Apache from starting has been fixed.
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