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FileCloud Sync has two types of synchronization engines.

  • A real-time synchronization engine 
  • A periodic synchronization engine

Real-time Synchronization 

Real-time synchronization synchronizes files as they change locally and with minimum delay from the server.  You can initiate a sync immediately using the Sync Now option. Real-time synchronization works for all files inside Managed Storage (My Files and Shared with Me) and for Network Folders set up with real-time sync.

Periodic Synchronization 

Periodic synchronization synchronizes files on a specified time interval starting at every 30 minutes, 1 hour etc.  Periodic synchronization works for all files inside Network Folders. Backing up files from your local computer to your remote server is also a form of periodic synchronization.

Real-time SynchronizationPeriodic Synchronization
Local Change Upload FrequencyUploads local changes as soon as a local file changes.Uploads changes after specific intervals.
Remote Change Download FrequencyDefault is every 2 minutes; can be changed by changing the Sync Frequency in More Options > Other Settings > Advanced tab.Downloads changes after specific intervals.
Type of Remote StorageManaged Storage (My Files and Shared with Me) as well as Network Folders setdup with real-time sync.Network Folders and local to remote backup.
Initial SetupFolders under My Files and Shared Folders with Sync permissions are automatically downloaded.User manually chooses folders to download and sync.
LimitsManaged Files (no limit, tested up to 300,000 files), Network Folders with real-time sync (50,000 Files).Efficient up to 500-1000 folders. The more folders, the longer it takes to synchronize.
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