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  1. Open Outlook and click New Email.
    A new email form opens.
  2. In the ribbon above the form, click Upload and Share.

    Your file explorer opens.
  3. Select the file that you want to share.
    Your file explorer closes and a Select a Folder window opens.
  4. Navigate to the folder that you want to upload the file into.
  5. Click Select.
    The file is saved to the folder, shared publicly, and added as a link or an attachment in the email.

titleRestrictions on filetypes and file extensions in FileCloud

Excerpt Include
Restrictions on Filenames and File Types in FileCloud
Restrictions on Filenames and File Types in FileCloud

File Browser

Starting with FileCloud 17.0, the Outlook add-in app contains a remote file browser function to access, edit and view all files on the server. This is an alternative to the web browser to access FileCloud. To open the File Browser, click File Browser in the ribbon of an email form.