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VersionDateRelease Summary
19.1.2April 18, 2019

This release is a patch to correct issues found in FileCloud Server version 19.1

  • FileCloud Server shows that an upgrade is available even if the latest version is installed
  • All fixes in the 19.1.1 release
  • The full 19.1 release
19.1.1April 17, 2019

This release is a patch to correct issues found in FileCloud Server version 19.1

It includes the following:

  • The full 19.1 release
  • Fixes a problem detecting update availability for FileCloud Drive2
  • Fixes a regression issue that prevented the download of files greater than 512 MB and less than 2 GB
  • Corrects an issue that incorrectly interpreted the value “0” when automatic emptying the Recycle Bin is enabled
  • File Sharing now works with all the Show email preview Dialog options
  • File versioning now compatible with Upload Only setting on Public Shares
  • Migrated metadata values to support searches and support its use in Governance ( Retention ) functionality
  • Fixes an issue that broke PII pattern search
  • Workflow option now available for promoted admins
  • Windows Update Tool fix to support Windows 2012 server
19.1April 5, 2019

CodeLathe customers get a huge boost in supporting financial regulations with FileCloud's new Governance features. The management dashboard and retention policy features have been designed to help regulators manage all digital content for legal, regulatory, compliance, and internal requirements. FileCloud allows regulators to manage content effectively - that means seeing what is occurring in a large installation with thousands of users on a day-to-day basis. CodeLathe knows that governance is also evolving, and as requirements change, our software is flexible enough to handle the new requirements.

In addition to new features, FileCloud users will also notice how much faster FileCloud responds to your requests. This is due to improvements in background processing, allowing FileCloud to work more quickly when you are sharing files and storing data. Many other improvements have been completed to provide users with an even richer experience, especially to the Sync and Drive clients that synchronize data with FileCloud.

18.2September 27, 2018

To help FileCloud administrators protect their systems, this update includes new antivirus integration. More tools have also been added to this update to help you manage your FileCloud deployment, such as better error reporting, more control over notifications, and better monitoring of MongoDB clusters.

For the FileCloud user, this updates makes it easier than ever before to integrate FileCloud with your business needs. The new DocIQ assistant integrates directly into Microsoft applications, the FileCloud Drive and Sync clients now provide the same functionality as the User Portal, and you can now access FileCloud options directly in Sales Force. In addition to direct integration, this update also provides support for more file types, such as viewing medical files, and previewing more types of Adobe files.

Customers are CodeLathe's  #1 priority, so this update includes a substantial amount of customer requests and bug fixes to ensure FileCloud performs reliably and efficiently for you. 7, 2018This update includes many new features including comprehensive metadata and tagging support, mobile app enhancements, performance improvements and advanced search in desktop apps.