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This release corrects issues found in FileCloud Server version 19.1

It includes the following:

  • The full 19.1
  • release Image Added FileCloud Server 19.1 Release Notes
  • Fixes a problem detecting update availability for FileCloud Drive2
  • Fixes a regression issue that prevented the download of files greater than 512 MB and less than 2 GB
  • Corrects an issue that incorrectly interpreted the value “0” when automatic emptying the Recycle Bin is enabled
  • File Sharing now works with all the Show email preview Dialog options
  • File versioning now compatible with Upload Only setting on Public Shares
  • Migrated metadata values to support searches and support its use in Governance ( Retention ) functionality
  • Fixes an issue that broke PII pattern search
  • Workflow option now available for promoted admins
  • Windows Update Tool fix to support Windows 2012 server

Upgrading from version 19.1:

Upgrading from any other version to 19.1.1:

  • A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations due to the following core change:
    1. More powerful background processing has been added to improve message queuing and the speed of FileCloud responses.

  Upgrading to 19.1