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titleHow do I allow users to tag their files?

You must specify which users can access the Metadata attributes. If you do not add them, then the user will not be able to add a tag to their file. 

Manage Metadata Permissions

Managing Metadata Sets

titleView the Metadata Set Definition List

The metadata set definitions screen displays the list of defined metadata sets.

  • The filter text box can be used to filter the metadata sets based on the metadata name.
  • The individual metadata set on the metadata list can be viewed, edited and deleted.
  • New metadata sets can be added by clicking the Add Metadata Set button and filling in the metadata set definition form.

Image Removed

Image Removed Manage Metadata Permissions

Image Removed Create a new Set Definition

Image Removed Edit an existing Set Definition


titleDelete a Set Definition


(warning) You cannot undo or revert this deletion.

To delete an existing Custom metadata set definition:


What Type Do You Want to Work With?

Image Added Default Metadata

Image Added Built-In Metadata

Image Added Custom Metadata