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title2. Configure Credentials

After you have setup the storage implementation key in step 1, you can configure the following credentials:

S3 KeyThis is your Digital Ocean authentication key.
S3 SecretThis is your Digital Ocean authentication secret.
S3 Bucket Name

Provide a bucket name. The bucket should be new (in some circumstance, previously used bucket in FileCloud could be used).

It is very important that the S3 bucket is never modified outside of the FileCloud subsystem,

the bucket name is case sensitive make sure you are using the exact name of the bucket.

S3 Storage FolderOptional: All files will be stored inside this root storage folder (Will be created automatically).
S3 RegionOptional: Provide the region string.
S3 End Point URLThis is the S3 endpoint. note that for each region there is a specific Endpoint URL.

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To configure Digital Ocean S3 Credentials

  1. Open a browser and log into Admin Portal.
  2. In the left navigation panel, under SETTINGS, select Settings
  3. On the Manage Settings screen, select the Storage tab.
  4. Type in or select the settings for your environment.
  5. Click Save.