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Server Local IP
In most cases, leave the default value of If you are using a separate FileCloud policy with ICAP, enter the Private (LAN) IP of the FileCloud server.  
ICAP Remote Hostname

Enter the hostname or IP of the system where the ICAP AV is deployed.

ICAP PortLeave the default value of 1344 as it is. In rare cases, this might need to be changed to whatever port the ICAP AV server is listening on.
Secure ICAPEnable if the ICAP server is running with SSL or TLS protocols.
File Size LimitThis is the file limit in bytes that will be scanned. For example, very large files can be excluded from scanning. Default value is 25MB
ICAP Service NameConsult the ICAP AV server product documentation to know this value. It must be set correctly otherwise integration wont work.
Enable Basic Debug LoggingCheck this to enable logging of detailed operational debug messages in the (error) logs.
Enable Network Payload Debug LoggingCheck this to enable logging of detailed network communication related debug messages in the (error) logs.

User details sent with scan requests

To help the ICAP server determine if a scan is required, the following headers are sent with every scan request:

Header X-FILECLOUD-USER-NAME - name of user performing the upload.
Header X-FILECLOUD-USER-EMAIL -  email of user performing the upload.
Header X-FILECLOUD-USER-TYPE - type of user performing the upload. Possible values are "full", "guest", and "limited".

To disable sending of these headers:

  1. Open the configuration file:
    Windows: XAMPP DIRECTORY/htdocs/config/cloudconfig.php
    Linux: /var/www/config/cloudconfig.php
  2. Add the line:

    Code Block

If scanning fails

If scanning fails because the ICAP server is down, a message appears on your screen, and your Manage Alerts page displays the message: