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titleWhat are the different file types?

File ExtensionContents

Concatenated certificate container files

Frequently required for certificate installations when multiple certificates are being imported as one file.



The *.crt and *.cer file formats are interchangeable and contain the same information.

the *.crt file is a Microsoft convention and can be easily converted to *.cer.

An SSL certificate contains both:

*.key = the private key to the certificate

*.crt = the signed certificate


A file that contains root and intermediate certificates.

  • The end-entity certificate along with a CA bundle constitutes the certificate chain.

The chain is required to improve compatibility of the certificates with web browsers and other kind of clients.

This allows browsers to recognize your certificate so that no security warnings appear.


This is an archive file format for storing several cryptographic objects in a single file.

  • contains the end-entity certificate (issued to your domain)
  • a matching private key
  • may optionally include an intermediate certification authority (a.k.a. CA Bundle).

All this is wrapped up in a single file which is then protected with a pfx password.

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