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After you install Sync and restart your computer if necessary, you must provide your FileCloud account information to Sync. This allows you to edit or synchronize your files with the FileCloud Server.


You administrator can enable you to log in with Single Sign-On credentials.

Image Removed For help with SSO login, go to Login to Sync with SSO


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To start Sync and log in:


To start and log in to Sync:

  1. In your Start menu, expand the FileCloud Sync folder and click the FileCloud Sync icon.
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  2. The Get Started wizard opens to its welcome page:
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    By default, the user interface language is English, the sync folder is your local FileCloud folder, and remote management is enabled.
  3. Change the user interface language to the language you prefer; do not change the other settings unless instructed to by your administrator.
  4. Click Get Started.
    The window for Step 1 Log In, opens.