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title4. Configure the FileCloud App

Once you set Application Configuration to Enabled, you can configure FileCloud.

To configure FileCloud, you can do one of the following:

  • Upload the XML configuration file. This populates the configuration fields for an administrator to configure.
  • Manually enter the XML. If your MDM doesn't recognize any of the provided XML spec files, you can enter these values manually.


You can delete any configuration fields that do not apply to your organization.

Sensitive information such as password are best removed from the configuration. When not present users will be prompted to input their password manually on the device once.

Upload a configuration file:

Values you can enter manually:

XML TagTypeDescription
accountStringEnter the name of the account you want to setup
ssoStringBooleanSet this value to true to create an SSO account
passwordStringPassword of the account to setup (for non-SSO accounts)
serverStringServer address / URL of your FileCloud server (MUST start with http:// or https://)
enforce_authenticationStringEither code, sso or password
enforce_lockBooleanSet to true to prevent login if an app-specific passcode has not been set
disable_editBooleanSet to true to disable operations such as rename, copy, upload (if applicable)
disable_downloadBoolean Set to true to disable prevent file and folder downloads
disable_openwithBooleanSet to true to disable "Open with…"
disable_shareBooleanSet to true to disable "Share" operation
disable_favsBooleanSet to true to disable "Add to Star" operation