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title1. Enroll Your Device

Important step for FC: enroll devices. Wether as Personal or Company owned. Main difference personal owned, When you enroll your device, you are issued an MDM certificate. This certificate is used to communicate with your MDM service.

Since there are many MDM providers and way to enroll, please check your MDM documentation for instructions on how to enroll your device.

Image AddedYou must enroll your device! It doesn't matter to FileCloud if it is a personal or company-owned device.

  • Personally-owned devices - in this scenario the MDM only manages some apps and those apps' configurations
  • Company-owned devices - in this scenario the MDM manages everything, including
remote wiping the whole device.
  • the ability to remotely wiping clean all content from the device

title2. Add FileCloud to Your MDM

Again check your MDM support documentation, but we give here an example for a knwon MDM service: VMWare's

• Go to:

• Search for the app

Once added you'll be asked to add an assignment and configure the app for your users.