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An automatic group called "EVERYONE" is created by default for every FileCloud installation. This is a special group that contains all active full users in the FileCloud system. 

Be sure to set a valid email address for the group in the group details OR delete the group if "EVERYONE" is not needed)

Limited users are not included in the EVERYONE group.

Every group contains Groups may contain the following attributes

  • Group Name - Name assigned by the Administrator
  • Group Members - List of users that are part of the group
  • Group Email - Email address associated with the groupo Admins - (optional) Users with the ability to view users, add users, and/or remove users from the group.
  • Group Policy - The policy that applies to all members of the group. By default, the Global Default Policy is assigned.

Once a group is created, it can be populated with users using one of the following methods:


titleAdd FileCloud Users to a Group

This method requires the added user accounts to already exist in your local FileCloud Server system.

To add FileCloud users to a group: 

  1. If you have just added the group, the Manage Group dialog box is now opened to the Members tab.
    If you want to add members to an existing group, click the Edit icon next to the group.
  2. If it is not already selected, click the Members tab.
  3. In Add Users to Group, enter the username or email of an existing FileCloud user, and click Add

    The user is listed under Users in Group.
  4. Add any number of users.
  5. Either click Save to save the new members in the group, or click the Admins or Policies tab to further configure the group.