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Image Removed By default, FileCloud installs the Mongo database server on the same machine as the web server without any authentication settings.


A DB user has to be first created in MongoDB and this user can be later used in FileCloud for secure database access.
Assuming we will add a user with following details:

User NamePassword

Use a command line mongo client and execute the following commands to create the required DB user. 


Now that FileCloud is updated with the security info, enable security in MongoDB. To do this open the file mongodb.conf that can be typically found in the following location:


Edit this file and add/update with the following line. If the line is already there, ensure it is not commented.


Finally, it is necessary to restart both MongoDB and Apache to get the security in-place. 

  • In case of any issues, disable security in mongodb and fix the problems.
  • To disable security, mongodb auth has to be disabled and the database URLs has to be reverted back.