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Before completing the following procedures, configure Apache Web Server. See SSO Configuration Steps, Step 1 on the page SAML Single Sign-On Support for configuration instructions.

The Okta plugin for browsers works by storing user credentials for a specific web application; this gets associated with the user’s Okta account.

After choosing to log in to with Okta, the credentials, saved in Okta, are entered in the FileCloud page and log in proceeds automatically.

The Okta plug works with default login, not SSO. Do not configure SSO settings in FileCloud. If the setting: define("TONIDOCLOUD_SSO_DIRECT_ONLY",1)  appears in your cloudconfig.php file, remove or disable it.


  1. An Okta account (Okta account should be ready before proceeding).
  2. Setup FileCloud application in the Okta admin panel
  3. Assign application to users
  4. Plugin installed on user browser (see link below)
  5. Login to FileCloud using the plugin by entering FileCloud Credentials.

Information on plugin installation is available here:

The plugin supports different browsers. Setup and tests for this guide are using Google Chrome.

Setup FileCloud application in Okta admin panel

Logged in as admin in Okta, go to Applications:

Go to “Add Application”

Select “Create New App”

Choose “Platform: Web” and “Sign on method: Secure Web Authentication (SWA)”, and click “Create” button.

Fill in the form and click Finish:

Assign application to users

After creating the application, in the application screen, select “Assign->Assign to people”:

Assign the application to desired users from the list:

Save and Go Back


Login to FileCloud using the plugin by entering FileCloud Credentials

In the browser with Okta Plugin already installed, select the Okta plugin icon and select the FileCloud application (the name may vary if there is another application configured in Okta admin panel). Okta plugin may require a login to Okta first.

Login with Okta credentials: (This step could be missing if Okta already logged in in the browser)

The browser will redirect to the FileCloud login page configured at application creation in Okta Admin Panel. You might see first the login screen with credentials filled in, and after a few seconds the FileCloud user portal should open (no need to hit Login button).

On successive accesses to the FileCloud login page, the plugin might offer login (may vary according to the browser).

User can also access the application by choosing it directly in the plugin:

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