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New installation: Installing FileCloud Server         Upgrading from any version to 20.2 (link)   Note: A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations.


Aug 2020  vers. 20.2

May 2020  vers. 20.1

Dec 2019  vers. 19.3

Sep 2019  vers. 19.2

Apr 2019   vers. 19.1

Sep 2018  vers. 18.2

May 2018  vers. 18.1

September 2020 release of FileCloud (version 20.2) is now available.

Upgrade to access new, easy to navigate user interfaces and enhanced features. Here are some highlights of the release:

User portal

The user portal now has an entirely new look and feel, making it easier to locate the files and actions that are most important to you. 
 xx image xx

See (doc page link)

Note: There is an administrator-controlled setting that enables users who want to user the classic interface to switch back to it. 

FileCloud Sync application

See (doc page link)

FileCloud Sync has a new user interface that streamlines its functionality and includes a new mini-dashboard to make it simple to access frequently used actions and options. 

McAfee CASB integration

FileCloud is beginning support of third-party DLP providers by integrating with McAfee CASB's ability to monitor file actions for potential security leaks.

In this release, FileCloud supports McAfee's monitoring of file uploads, updates, downloads, and shares, as well as its review of account creation, account deletion, and user login activities. 

FileCloud's API now includes endpoints that enable McAfee CASB to respond to potential breaches by notifying users, deleting files, and removing shares.

See McAfee CASB integration.


The FileCloud user portal now has a Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature that enables users to download office files, PDFs, and image files securely. The feature requires users to view securely downloaded files through a Secure Document Viewer using an access key. See DRM for exporting secure documents.

Outlook Add-in

The FileCloud Outlook Add-in now enables you to drag and drop files from an embedded FileCloud browser into a message, and to drag and drop files from a message into the embedded FileCloud browser. See FileCloud Add-In for Microsoft Outlook.

Mobile UI


AreaFeature Notes

CL-5957DLPw DLP expression uses GeoIP technology to enable login and download control based on country code. See Rule Expressions.
CL-4143SharesWhen users share a file privately, they can now include edit (upload) permission.

Overlay? checkw/Aruna

Drive improvements

Tonido connection

Tonido iOS
CL-64772FAFileCloud licensing that includes enabling 2FA for limited users is now available.
CL-6414Azure BlobFileCloud's seeding tool now supports Azure blob migration. 
CL-6260CCEThe CCE audit log now incudes realpath, svcname ("CCE"), and svcid (rule name). 
CL-6848Command line interfaceThe command line interface now supports commands for customizing the admin password.
CL-5903Content search

A search bar for PII regex patterns has been added to the Content Search settings.

CL-6341Copy, move, deleteEnhancements have improved the process of copying, moving, or deleting large numbers of files from the same folder.
CL-4332Delete sharesFunctionality has been added to enable users in the admin portal or user portal to select multiple shares and delete them.
CL-6423Direct linksThere is now a option to hide the Direct link action.See Share Settings
CL-6396DLPThere is now a DLP rule to filter based on the source user's email domain.See Rule Expressions
CL-6684DownloadsSupport to download larger numbers of files simultaneously has been added.
CL-5755EmailUsers can now enter recipients of email messages from FileCloud in the format "User <>" as well as ""
CL-7023FilesA flag that indicates the type of shares allowed has been added to the system status call.
CL-6660ICAPWhen the ICAP service blocks a file, FileCloud now shows a message that gives the reason for the block.
CL-3971Keyboard shortcutsKeyboard shortcuts have been added for major functions in the user portal to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
CL-6730Log inThere is a new setting that configures the only log-in option for user to be SSO log in.See (page link)
CL-6445Phone numberThere is now a customization setting for adding text for a formatting hint that appears next to phone number fields.See 
CL-6537PoiciesSettings have been added to policies that enable administrators to change the default UI and to disable users' ability to change the UI.
CL-5440Previous versionsThe ability to download all previous versions of a file at once has been added.See View Previous Versions Of Files
CL-6333S3To correspond with Amazon's new bucket name requirements, FileCloud no longer supports S3 bucket names with a dot (.) in them; however, prior S3 bucket names with a dot in them are still valid.
CL-3690ShareNew functionality enables users to add multiple users to a share and then click email to send one email to all of the users.
CL-4143ShareUsers can now share a file and give the share recipient edit privileges.
CL-5249SortOnce a user changes the sort setting for a folder in the user interface, the change is saved and reapplied after logging out and logging in and applied when logging in from a new browser.

Insertion of watermarks onto view only share documents has been added. 

See (page link)

CL-6525CSSSupport has been added for admins to include custom css.See (page link)
Drive and MacDrive


CL-6122ConflictUsers can now add a setting to the Sync config file that automatically resolves conflicts. See XML Options for Sync.
CL-6356TimestampTimestamp when file is created is now saved.


CL-6948SyncingFileCloud has tools for resyncing ServerLink. Contact Support for help.

Bug Fixes 

Reference NumberAreaDescription

CL-33262FA2FA can now be enabled for Limited users.
CL-63342FAUsers can now specify the number of characters in an SMS 2FA code and whether it is numbers and letters, numbers only, letters only, or uppercase letters only.

Issue: If 2FA is enabled and a user includes and uppercase letter in the log-in username, log in fails. 

Resolution: 2FA log in no longer fails when users include uppercase letters in the log-in username.

CL-6998Account namesAccount names have been changed in the user interface. What were previously labelled as "full users" will continue to be labelled "full users."  What was previously labeled as "guest users" will now be labeled "full users (without storage)." What was previously labelled as "limited users" will now be labelled "guest users."
CL-6525Active directory

Issue: When all users are removed from an AD group, after syncing, the users are not removed from FileCloud.

Resolution: Now, when all users are removed from an AD group, after syncing, the users are removed from FileCloud. 

CL-6340Admin usernameThe main admin username may now only include letters, numbers, and the special characters space, period, hyphen,  and underscore, and it may not be the same as the superadmin name.
CL-6497AlertsAlerts were not displayed in the Admin UI after the alert count reached 100; this has been fixed.
CL-6749Antivirus scanningUsers were not notified if the ICAP server failed, and uploaded files that were not scanned were not deleted; now, a message appears when the ICAP server fails, and a setting enables admins to delete unscanned files. See Use ICAP Antivirus Scanning 
CL-6757Antivirus scanningUsers were not notified if the ClamAV server failed, and uploaded files that were not scanned were not deleted; now, a message appears when the ClamAV server fails, and a setting enables admins to delete unscanned files. See Use ClamAV Antivirus Scanning.
CL-6797AuditA problem causing private shares to appear as 'Public shared <path>' in the audit database has been fixed.
CL-6361Backup ServerA bug preventing the backup server from restoring 0kb files has been fixed.
CL-6696Backup ServerBackup server query performance has been improved.
CL-6847Content SearchA problem causing files uploaded to a network share folder with NTFS permissions to not be indexed has been fixed.
CL-6877Display nameWhen display names are imported, the pipe character | is now supported.
CL-6704DLPWhen an Enforce DLP rule failed, evaluation stopped, and only one violated rule was being logged. These issues have been fixed.
CL-6463Document previewUsers with view-only access to shares can now preview them in Office in systems that use WOPI and js viewer.
CL-6467EmailA problem causing duplicate emails to be sent for systems using HA clusters has been fixed.
CL-6613Email validationIn some cases, although limited user email domains were different from their server URLs, as required, the system sent the error message that the domain was invalid. This has been fixed.
CL-6451Email validationCreating a user who receives an invitation was prevented if the email had admin as its prefix, but it is now permitted.
CL-6977FileCloud helper

A problem causing FileCloud helper to push an incorrect path to FileCloud has been fixed.

CL-6773Folder actionsFolders are now locked when an operation is being performed on them.
CL-6879GroupsA problem causing the Everyone group to incorrectly display 0 members has been fixed.
CL-6993ICAPScan requests now include the name, email, and type of the requesting user.
CL-6349jQueryThe versions of jQuery in smartadmin and bootstrap were updated.
CL-5802LicenseIf a license was renewed before the expiry date, cron was failing to get the license information, but this has been fixed.
CL-6462Log outA problem causing auto-log out in the Admin portal to work incorrectly has been fixed.
CL-6709Login screenNow, instead of log-in screen including a More options drop-down that displays Forgot password, Forgot password is displayed directly on log-in screen. See

Issue: In the audit log, the backslash is missing after the final folder name in some folder paths.

Resolution: The final backslash now appears.


Logs now include entries for deleted files that skip the Recycle bin because of the file size limit.

CL-6522LogsError logging is now done when an upload limit is reached for a shared folder.
CL-6127Multi-tenancyIn a multi-tenancy environment, Site Names and Site Host Names may now include the @ character.
CL-6278NotificationsNotifications stream now displays a notification when a user is removed from a share.

Issue: The Change Password option appears in user portal for AD users and users created through SSO who cannot change their passwords.

Resolution: The Change Password option no longer appears for these users.

CL-7121PasswordThe Forgot Password option now appears on the login page for AD and LDAP users, but it does not send a reset email. 
CL-6830PermissionsA problem enabling users to save read-only files using CTRL-S has been fixed.
CL-6575PoliciesIn the Admin UI, when a user's policy was edited, no warning was given that the edit was being applied to the default policy for all users; now the warning is given.
CL-6459Public sharesIn Version 20.1, when a file was shared publicly with a password, the password did not appear in the invite email, but this has been fixed.
CL-6622Recycle binIn the recycle bin view of the User Details window, admins can now sort files by size and modified date.
CL-7042ReportsA problem causing the "IP" and "How" columns to display each other's values in the print audit logs has been fixed.
CL-7025SAML SSOTo prevent internal calls from failing,  SAML SSO supports url overrides 
CL-6348SecurityImproved security against user enumeration vulnerability.
CL-6897SecurityFileCloud no longer responds to requests to download .gz files.
CL-6569SettingsIn Customization/General/UI Features, the setting Show Single File Share Full Preview was disabled by default, but is now enabled.
CL-6212ShareA problem in which shares of sub-folders were not removed when shares of the parent folders were removed has been fixed.
CL-6760Share expirationShare expiration settings can now be set in user policies.
CL-6496Share preview

A problem causing the URL to continuously refresh when a user attempts to preview a public share has been fixed.

CL-6493Share settingsFor users assigned to a certain policy, Admins can override the setting that prevents changing share types (between public and private). See

A problem causing a user logged in through SSO to be omitted from the 'Get User Login' report' has been fixed.

CL-7019StorageA problem causing a change in the user storage quota in the policy not to appear in the user details or the user interface has been fixed.
CL-6401Team FoldersWhen a promoted admin was given Team Folder access, User Share access was not automatically checked. This has been fixed.
CL-6769MetadataThe system was allowing multiple metadata sets with the same name to be created but this has been fixed.
CL-6795MetadataA problem causing hidden and read-only metadata sets to be returned has been fixed.
CL-6788MetadataA problem causing the system to attempt to extract metadata from files that were over the size limit has been fixed.
CL-4977Network FoldersA cache setting has been added to optimize display of network folders. See
CL-6574New Account

Issue: When a user who has received an invite clicks the New Account button in the log-in screen, and then changes the language for the new account, the user is taken back to the log-in screen but the New Account button is missing.

Resolution: Now, when an invited user changes the language, the user is taken back to the log-in screen, and the New Account button appears.

CL-6298NotificationsA problem causing users who create new shares to receive multiple share expiry notifications has been fixed.
CL-6369Notificationsbug preventing the path rule on an external folder to override the main setting has been fixed.
CL-6402ReportsAn issue making it difficult to use the file activity report has been fixed.
CL-5691SafeLogicThe Safelogic OpenSSL modules for FIPS have been updated to the latest version.

A search with the word "filename" was not retrieving network share files. This has been fixed.

CL-6412SearchAdvanced search can now search on file extensions.
CL-5585User InterfaceThe upper-right corner of the user interface now includes more spaces for displaying the name.
CL-5677User interfaceShare screen for private sharing labeled users as "Guest" and included button "Add Guest." These have been changed to "Users" and "Invite Users" for clarity.
CL-6362User interfacePreviously, the browser tab for FileCloud displayed the user's account name, but now it will display the user's display name.
CL-6798User interfaceDevices are now hidden in settings for limited users.
CL-6697User interfaceThe label "Quick Edit" has been replaced with "Edit in Desktop" in the user portal.
CL-6481User interfaceIn the screen for creating a new account, the Account name field with the placeholder "Enter name" now has the placeholder "Enter username".
CL-6474User InterfaceWhen users viewed a pubilc share, the encrypted username appeared as the parent folder of the share; this has been fixed so that "Share with me" appears instead of the encrypted username.
CL-6945VersioningIn version 20.2, the current version is saved rather than deleted when a previous version replaces it as the current version.
CL-6471VersioningA problem that was causing duplicate files to be created when versioning was disabled has been fixed.

A feature to change the locale in WOPI has been added to enable users' date format and locale to correspond.

Drive and MacDrive
CL-6484Auto-loginThe ability to disable auto-login was not functioning in Drive. This has been fixed.
CL-6598DocIQWhen a new file is created but not yet uploaded to the server, and a user tries to open it, the message "DocIQ failed to load" has been replaced with "The file information was not found in server." 
CL-6796File LockDrive was allowing locked files to be opened. This has been fixed.
CL-6432File LockWhen a user tries to rename a locked folder, a notice now indicates that a locked file cannot be renamed.
CL-6597File Lock A problem after Drive was installed causing files not to lock when edited has been fixed.
CL-6519File operationsWhen three consecutive operations were performed on the same file, sometimes the third operation was not completed. This has been fixed.
CL-6436InstallerThe MSI and EXE installers for Drive now remove old versions of Drive when installing the latest one.
CL-6447Limited users

A problem causing Drive not to create limited user accounts on new file shares has been fixed.


Issue: When a user tried to perform an action requiring download of a file that was downloading for another operation, an error message that did not explain the issue appeared.

Resolution: The system now shows a download progress counter when a user tries to perform an action that also requires a download of the same file. The second action is performed when the download completes.

CL-6373Renaming FoldersA problem that caused renamed folders to appear empty until Drive is restarted has been fixed.
CL-6513Renaming FoldersA problem causing FileCloud to freeze when a parent folder was renamed has been fixed.
CL-6499Right-clickA problem causing errors when right-click actions were selected has been fixed.
CL-6978Right-clickA problem preventing right-click options from working when the FileCloud url has a custom port has been fixed. 

Issue: On upgrade to 20.1, old versions config.xml is not saved.

Resolution: The config.xml from the previous version is now copied to 20.1

CL-6444Upload/DownloadAn issue causing upload or download of a large number of files to fail has been fixed.

CL-6523Multiple usersAn issue causing problems with mounting the drive when multiple users logged in to MacDrive on the same device has been fixed.


A duplicate folder name event that was appearing as an error has been fixed to appear as info in the log.

CL-6494NotificationsA setting has been added that allows admins who have disabled notifications to enable them for errors and important messages only.
CL-7004Upload filesA problem preventing file upload when the read-only sync flag and the propagate ACL changes to sync flag were enabled has been fixed.

CL-6962Android and iOS, PermissionsAn error allowing shares with view-only permissions to be copied to other locations has been fixed.
CL-5120iOS, Favorites

Issue: If user created a folder other than default  in Favorites, the folder could not be deleted.

Resolution: Options to create, rename and delete Favorite lists from the Favorites' screen have been added.

CL-6150iOS, FavoritesA problem preventing files or folders from being uploaded into the Favorites folder has been fixed.



Issue: The correct TOS content for FC Online accounts is only added when the account is initially created. Reset to Defaults for TOS customization sends them to another page instead of resetting the TOS.

Resolution: This has been fixed. Some TOS settings have been moved. See xxx

CL-5539TOSAn issue causing the default rather than custom TOS to display on the customer registration page has been fixed.


An issue preventing files with uppercase extensions from being indexed has been fixed.


CL-6621AlertsAlerts sent from ServerLink were being sent from admin email and to admin email, but are now sent from system default email and to admin email.
CL-6368ReplicationA problem causing secondary server replication to stop randomly has been fixed.
CL-6745Serial QueueServerLink events are now handled in the serial processing high priority queue rather than parallel queue.
Sync and ServerSync

CL-6357TimestampA problem preventing the local machine timestamp from being saved for uploaded folders has been fixed.

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