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Version 21.2.0.xxxxx     New installation: Installing FileCloud Server         Upgrade Notes for FileCloud xx.x    Note: A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations.


August 2021 ver 21.2

May 2021 vers. 21.1

Dec 2020  vers. 20.3

Sep 2020  vers. 20.2

May 2020  vers. 20.1

Dec 2019  vers. 19.3

Sep 2019  vers. 19.2

Apr 2019   vers. 19.1

Sep 2018  vers. 18.2

May 2018  vers. 18.1

Latest MD5 release checksums

  •  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • FileCloudSetup.exe  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The August 2021 release of FileCloud (version 21.2) is now available.

Patch 21.2.x.xxxxx fixes these issues.

Security Advisories

Upgrade to access new and enhanced features. Here are some highlights of the release:

  • Workflow Automation - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • MS Teams Integration -  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Compliance Dashboard
  • OnlyOffice integration
  • Group Management

  • Special Permissions support for NTFS
  • VPAT
  • DLP Admin UI changes

Workflow Automation


MS Teams Integration


xx image xx

See xxxxx

Compliance Dashboard


Group Management

  • xxxxx
    xx image xx

See xxxxxxx

Special Permissions for NTFS


xx image xx

xx caption xx

xx image xx

xx caption xx

xx image xx

xx caption xx



DLP Admin UI


xx image xx


AreaFeature Notes


CL-8119Admin summaryA setting has been added that enables admins to receive summary emails once a week or once a month instead of every 24 hours.
CL-8392Audit logA setting has been added that enables admins to change the the number of audit entries that trigger a warning from 1,000,000  to any number. 


CL-8322DashboardAdmins can now disable the option to "Show Dashboard at Startup" through the registry editor.
Drive and Sync

CL-7955DashboardWhere the FileCloud dashboard listed "Darwin" under Client Device Distribution by OS  it now lists "MacOS release#"
CL-9158LogoutOn logout, users are now notified that the configuration and contents of the Sync folder may be cleared, and users may now exit the apps without logging out.
Outlook Add-in

CL-xxxxxxxxxxxxSee xxx

CL-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxSee xxx



Bug Fixes 

Reference NumberAreaDescription

BrowserCL-8900To fix distortion in the UI, when the browser is resized below 1200 px, the layout is converted to tablet view.
NotificationCL-9210The misspelling of "upload" in the fie upload notification has been fixed.
SalesForceCL-5841Settings in the .htaccess file have changed for SalesForce integration. See Integrating FileCloud with Salesforce.

Drive and MacDrive


Drive and Sync

CL-9163DownloadsAn issue that prevented  versioned file downloads from Sync and Drive to fail has been fixed.

Sync and ServerSync



Serverlink synchronization was not working due to duplicate metadata keys. This has been fixed.

CL-9195DRMExport of files via DRM was failing primary server failed and secondary failure was used by system; an alternate URL setting which fixes this issue has been added.


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