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After copying the tonido cloud files to your document root, open your browser and enter http://<your domain>/install/index.php.  If everything is configured correctly, you will open the Tonido Cloud installer page. The installer checks various configurations related to your Tonido Cloud working environment and reports problems it finds. This allows you to fix things and get all the issues resolved before proceeding to deployment.

Basic Check



  • Apache Web Server: Requires Apache 2.x web server
  • Apache Mod Rewrite: Requires that Apache has mod rewrite module enabled and active
  • PHP 5.3 or higher: Requires PHP v5.3
  • PHP Mongo Library: Requires that the PHP Mongo DB Drivers are installed
  • PHP GD Library: Requires that the PHP GD library is installed
  • PHP OpenSSL library: Requires that PHP OpenSSL library is installed
  • PHP ionCube Loader Extension: Tonido Cloud PHP files are protected using ioncube encoder. To get it working you need to install the ioncube decoder. Click on the "Install ionCube Loader" link to get instructions on configuring ionCube loader on your environment. Choose "Local Server" when selecting your environment.
  • PHP bcmath extension Ensures that the PHP bcmath extension is available
  • PHP SimpleXML extension Ensures that the PHP SimpleXML extension is available
  • PHP LDAP library (optional) Ensures that the PHP LDAP extension is available. This is optional and only required if using LDAP or Active Directory authentication
  • Install in Server WWW root folder Ensures that the tonido cloud install is in the main server root and not in the subfolder,  ie. and not
  • CloudConfig.php Readable: Ensures that the cloudconfig.php file is available
  • LocalStorageConfig.php Readable: Ensures that the localstorageconfig.php file is available

After all checks are "OK", go to "Extended Checks". 

Extended Check


  • Scratch Directory Writable: The WEBROOT/scratch directory permissions need to be changed so that the Apache web server process can write to the folder. Usually chown -R www-data:www-data WEBROOT/scratch followed by chmod -R 700 WEBROOT/scratch would be sufficient.
  • Config Directory Readable: Ensures the WEBROOT/config directory is readable
  • Local Storage Path Writable: For Local Storage configurations, ensures that the path set in the LocalStorageConfig.php is writable.
  • License xml Readable:  Ensures your installation's license is valid.
  • Admin Password Changed: Verifies that the default admin password has been changed in the cloudconfig.php file.
  • Mod Rewrite Apache Configuration Setup Check: Verifies that the Apache Website configuration has mod rewrite rules allowed
  • Email Configuration Check, Sending to email: Verifies that the email configuration is setup correctly

Verification of Mongo DB connection: Ensures that the mongo db server is running and the Tonido Cloud software can correctly connect with it.   


Tonido Cloud Update

If you are updating from a previous version there might be additional steps to complete and will be discussed as part of the Tonido Cloud update. The information provided includes whether any updates are available, whether config files are up to date and whether the database schema has been updated.

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