FileCloud is a powerful, cloud-agnostic Enterprise File Sharing and Sync solution that gives you complete control over software and data. 

Unlike many file sharing solutions that offer ‘One Size Fits All’, we provide options that help you select the right cloud model:

This allows you to deploy your cloud at a pace that is right for you. 

There are two different FileCloud solutions:

What's the Difference?

FileCloud Server - Self-Hosted by You

 FileCloud Server

  • You host FileCloud Server on your own hardware
  • You are able to customize your setup the way you like
  • FileCloud Server can be deployed on-premises using:
    • Windows server
    • Linux server
    • Private data centers 
    • AWS
    • Azure or others 
  • FileCloud Server on-premises integrates with your existing file shares and can utilize the NTFS file permissions in place.
  • FileCloud Server allows you to expose your existing network file shares:
    • Windows File Shares
    • CIFS
    • NFS
  • Expose your existing network file shares outside using a web portal and mobile apps without using VPN
  • No migration of files or permissions is required to expose network file shares
  • Best option for teams who want to have complete control of:
    • Data and environment
    • Customize all the details of setup 
    • Can handle the additional complexity of hosting themselves

Get Started with FileCloud Server

Self-Hosted by You

Do you want to …

 Host FileCloud on your own server and customize your setup

Utilize existing IT infrastructure and storage investments and save money

Keep the data on your own servers for data residency, total control and security

 Use LAN-based network folders (CIFS, SAMBA and NFS)

 Keep existing NTFS Permissions for Network Folders

 Integrate with existing user Home directories

You should know how to 

 Perform IT integrations and system admin tasks

 Use Linux or Windows Server Operating System

FileCloud Online - Hosted by CodeLathe

FileCloud Online

  • We setup, host and maintain the FileCloud site in the region of your choice
  • No servers, no storage, no maintenance — we run it for you
  • Best option for teams who want to get started quickly and easily, and for teams who don't want to manage the technical complexity of hosting themselves
  • FileCloud Online is very similar to Box , Dropbox or Sharefile and you need to upload or sync files to FileCloud Online Service first before you start sharing the files

Get Started with FileCloud Online

Hosted by CodeLathe

Do you want to …

 Let CodeLathe host and maintain the

FileCloud site for you

 Get started quickly and easily

Host the data in the region of your choice

(EU, USA, APAC, Australia) for data sovereignty

You should be able to 

 Log into an Administrator account

 Use the Dashboard to manage users and folders

 Upload files

 Install FileCloud Sync

 Setup FileCloud Drive

More Information:

FileCloud Videos

FileCloud Blogs

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