File and folder sharing allows you to provide public or private access to files stored in FileCloud Server with various levels of access privileges.

While files can easily be shared by emailing them, sharing files in FileCloud allows you to:

You can share a file or folder publicly or privately. 



Requires a FileCloud Account

Set Permissions

Set Options

Share with Everyone 

Share with a Specific User 


(error)  Anyone with the link

can access

(tick) View

(tick) Download

(tick) Upload

(tick) Share Name

(tick) Expiration

(tick) Restrict Downloads

(tick) Notifications

(tick) Require Password

 (tick) (tick)

(tick) Invite those without

an account to create one

(tick) View

(tick) Download

(tick) Share

(tick) Upload

(tick) Sync

(tick) Delete

(tick) Manage

(tick) Share Name

(tick) Expiration

(tick) Notifications

 (error) Add Groups to share with multiple users at once

 (tick) With a FileCloud account (you can invite users who do not have FileCloud accounts, but they must register for an account before viewing the share)

(lightbulb) Some permission options may vary depending on whether you share a file or a folder.

Prior to FileCloud version 19.1, users can click on the root folder, My Files, and select Share. This is a security threat and should not be allowed.

In FileCloud Server version 19.1 and later:

  • When users click on the root folder, My Files, they no longer have the sharing option.

Each user creates shares independently, so there may be different shares pointing to the same folder or file.

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