FileCloud Sync app stores temporary files in a cache folder.

The default location of this cache folder is listed belo :

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\FileCloudSyncData
  • Mac OSX: {HomeDir}\FileCloudSyncData
  • Linux: {HomeDir}\FileCloudSyncData

This can be changed by overriding the syncclientconfig.xml file

The file is available at the following location

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\FileCloudSync\syncclientconfig.xml
  • Mac OSX: {HomeDir}\FileCloudSync\syncclientconfig.xml
  • Linux: {HomeDir}\FileCloudSync\syncclientconfig.xml

To change the default location,

  1. Stop the FileCloud Sync App
  2. Copy the contents of the FileCloudSyncData folder to the new folder that you want (For example,  You can copy it to "H:\FileCloudSyncData)".
  3. Change the syncclientconfig.xml file, and modify the "value" key of syncclientlocation entry to the path you want (For example, <value>DEFAULT</value> to <value>H:\FileCloudSyncData</value>.
  4. Restart the Sync app
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