You can use this option to create a link to an item to share with others, but they must already part of the share.

Therefore, this Direct Link option works only with items in the following folders:

  • Shared with me
  • Team Folders

Clicking the share will require that the user log in to FileCloud Server and then they are taken directly to the selected folder or file.

To share a file by creating a direct link:

  1. Launch FileCloud Sync by right-clicking on the icon in your system tray, and then selecting File Browser.
  2. A File Browser window opens, displaying the contents synchronized with FileCloud Server.
  3. Open the Team Folder or Shared with Me folder, right-click the item you want to share, and then select Create Direct FileCloud Link.
  4. A Share Link window opens to provide the link.
  5. To set permissions and other share options, click Advanced, and then set Public Share Options for Files.
  6. A window opens that displays the email message which will be sent to the user who you are sharing with. You can choose to edit the contents of the email or choose not to send the email.
  7. To close the email notification window, click Send or Cancel.

The user is now added to the share.

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