Under the following conditions, FileCloud sync client might be unable to sync files to or from your FileCloud installations.

Long Filenames or Paths

Windows Operating Systems only allows files and folder names of around 260 characters or less. So paths longer than those are not synced. If the entire file path and name exceed 260 characters, shorten the name or move the file or folder to a higher-level folder within your FileCloud.

Names Ending with "." or ","

Files and folders ending with these characters will cause an error. The files must be renamed.

Special Characters

FileCloud Sync doesn't sync some files with characters that are incompatible with some operating systems. 

Rename them to something more suitable for use across multiple operating systems.

  • The * character
  • The < character
  • The > character
  • The : character
  • The \ character
  • The / character
  • The | character
  • The ? character
  • The * character
  • The ~ character

The following files will also not be synchronized:

  • tonido.db
  • Thumbs.db
  • desktop.ini
  • Anything ending with .tmp
  • Anything ending with .lnk
  • Files or Folders ending with space
  • .tonidocache
  • Anything starting with Conflict_
  • sync.ico
  • .ds_store (starting with 4.71 version of Sync Client)
  • Any hidden files (usually files starting with . in Linux and files with hidden attribute in windows)
  • File names and file extensions which are restricted by the server admin
  • Files that are in use

Beginning in Version 19.1, FileCloud supports overriding file type restrictions. To allow users to sync file types such as lnk, ini and thumbs.db, as well as hidden files, use the allowedfilelist option on page 20.1 XML Options for Sync

In 11.0, Sync did not synchronize files with ".." in the name. In 12.0, this restriction has been removed.

Sync only detects changes when the file size changes. If the file size does not change, then the file modification is not detected by sync.
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