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If you aren't finding something in File Explorer, you can easily jump to the FileCloud site to search.

Selecting the Search FileCloud Site option opens a search dialog with the chosen folder as the search path.

  • Files and sub-folders with the given name or pattern can be searched for in the path.
  • Advanced search options is provided to modify the search criteria. These options can be used to limit the search results, as required.
  • Similar to the right-click context menu on a folder, Search option is also available in the File Browser menu.

To search the FileCloud site:

  1. Launch FileCloud Sync by right-clicking on the icon in your system tray, and then selecting File Browser.
  2. A File Browser window opens, displaying the contents synchronized with FileCloud Server.
  3. Right-click the folder you want to search in, and then select Search FileCloud Site.
  4. In the Search window, type in your search pattern.
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