FileCloud allows you to create your own user account.

(warning)  However, this option is configured by your Administrator and may not be available depending on your company's policies.

If your account requires admin approval:

You are notified by email when:

  • Initially try to connect (Admin approval pending) 
  • When the administrator has approved the device you are trying to connect with

Figure 1. The Login Screen for the User Portal

(lightbulb)  If you click the New Account button and get an error, please contact your Administrator. Your company policies may not allow to create your own account.

To create a new User account:

  1. Open a Web browser.
  2. Type in the URL provided by your Administrator. For example, https://<yourteamname>
  3. Click the New Account  button.
  4. In Language, select the option of your choice.
  5. In Account Name, type in a string of character and then click the Check button.
  6. In Password and Repeat Password, type in the same string of characters.
  7. In Email, type in the address where you want to receive notifications about FileCloud issues.
  8. Next to I agree to Terms of Use, select the checkbox.
  9. To create your account, click Create.

Figure 2. Create New User Account Window

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